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Model Lily Cole – Paying with a “Thank you”

Actress and model Lily Cole launches all-new BlackBerry Q10, at Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday April 26, 2013.  Photo credit: Matt Crossick/PA

Nowadays it is almost impossible to think about a person or organization that works expecting only a “thank you” as payment. This concept, however, exists and it is not some sort of scam or slavery. On the contrary, impossible.com is a global community that aims to help each other out by sharing people’s time, skills, and objects; with the simple objective of boosting people’s profile by encouraging kind actions and work, using only the “thanks currency” in exchange.

The mind behind this innovative concept is Lily Cole, the English model, actress, and entrepreneur who has been also image of Vogue in several occasions. This idea came partly from Cole’s University of Cambridge thesis “Impossible utopias”. In her History of Art thesis, Cole meditates about momentary utopias in everyday reality, contributing to the possibility of making such utopias a reality; a concept somehow similar to the original term of utopia, first coined by the political philosopher Thomas Moore in his 1516 political fiction work of the same name.

In further analysis, Lily Cole wondered about the possibility of a website or platform where people could do things for one another without money being necessary as currency. In words of Lily Cole for Vogue “it just felt like quite a simple, obvious idea”, impossible.com was taking form in Cole’s mind.

The concept of impossible.com is simple and clearly reflected in its manifesto: having in mind there are only two things you can spend in this world, money and time; we all should be wondering what we are doing with these things, spending them or turning them into something impossible. Impossible.com is a group of people sharing knowledge, skills, and some time without expecting money in exchange.

Although Cole admits her model and actress profile has helped her idea to take off, the objective is that impossible.com can continue on its own. In the future people will realize that being helpful and selfless can bring enormous satisfaction as reward. Lily Cole is also demonstrating that the times we are living now need new business and economic models. Sustainable, equitable, and responsible business models also look for people well-being for nothing or little in exchange. Step by step social-engaged entrepreneurs like Lily Cole are making utopias coming true.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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Local Quebec Business: Forest Lumina

My business and I took our camera to Forest Lumina to show the world what they are all about. Forest Lumina was a truly magical experiences and would make an excellent adventure for anyone traveling.

Tickets are only $16.75 and they also have a campground call Parc St-George Campground which is $38 a night. This price gives you access to their hiking trails and their bike trails. They also offer bike rentals and horseback riding on the campgrounds. For more information view the link below:


I hope you enjoy this video and don’t forget to explore your local communities and support all of your local small businesses!

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How to Start Your Day Productively

Being productive in the morning is a challenging thing. Productivity takes discipline, dedication and thinking. Many people know what their distractions are but need some set stone steps to get them started. To help, I’ve listed 5 steps on how to start your day productively:

1. Hit up the cafe up your street 30 minute before your usually departure time:

Working at cafe

I used to walk up the street and grab a coffee at the cafe up my street where I would then sit and plan my day. The cafe didn’t have internet which meant I had no distractions while using  my tablet.

By planning your day just before it starts you’ll feel more clear minded and have a higher chance of completing all of your tasks. Make sure to create a check list so you can keep track of what you have to do, what is done and what is left.

2. Work on the hardest and most dreaded tasks first :

Hard work

The hardest task is the task that you may end up stressing over because it usually gets pushed aside due to its level of difficulty. This will often times cause you to procrastinate with the smaller and easier business affairs. This is because you may start to feel overwhelmed with the fact that one thing (most of the time an important thing) isn’t done and this will generally cause the rest of your list to fall behind schedule thus preoccupying your mind resulting in no productivity.

My advice is to start with the hardest affairs and go down to the smaller affairs so that you stay focused and feel motivated as well as accomplished throughout the day.

3. Log out of you social media accounts & close your browser:

Social Media

Most people love to start their mornings off by checking their Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and whatever – instead, just log out and don’t open them. If you do work with social media be sure to schedule your posts for the entire week at the END of your workload.

A large 68 percent of workers say they have been distracted from completing work by browsing the Web, engaging with social media and checking emails.This brings us to our next point:

4. Limit your email & text responses:


Sure, you have to answer a few emails relating to potential or existing customers regarding their projects or status of their orders etc, however, if it is none of those it can wait for a response. Pick an hour in the day to respond to unimportant, non-urgent or non-priority emails. Focus on the tasks that will move your business forward.

5. Meet a like-minded friend for breakfast:


This is something that has always had an extremely positive outcome for me. My friends that own businesses or whom are students in university or professionals who are working hard and share the same ambitious as me are the best solutions to being productive in the morning. Pick a fantastic friend, pick a fantastic breakfast spot that has fantastic food and a fantastic ambiance and then have a fantastic conversation. This has never once failed me.

In the end, when you place yourself in a setting you love and admire nothing can stop you from your goal, objectives and your dreams. Be clear minded and don’t fall off track with all the distractions we have nowadays. I hope this blog post helped you! If you would also like to share some tips leave them in the comment board below!

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5 Ways to Promote Your Business and Brand

  1. Start a Blog:

Many businesses owners say their blog is one of their most important assets. Depending on your gender of business your blog can be your primary lead generator if given the right touch of creativity. Some examples are:


promote your business

Lufa Farm is a Montreal based greenhouse. It is the first commercial rooftop green house that is ecologically and economically sustainable model for urban farming. They support local businesses that share the same green concepts as them which is green and urban foods.

In their blog they usually talk about other green stores, products and affairs that their buyers generally take great interest in. A lot of research is done in order to really find content that fits their readers  interests and get them to share the content. At the same time, they build relationships through creating this content with not just their readers but with the other businesses they support. As long as the content is creative people will fall in love with the brand and become loyal followers and sometimes buyers.

 Services:LIDERMarketing LIDER Marketing is a Montreal based Full-Service Marketing boutique that runs their blog quite differently than other marketing businesses. Most of them blog about their latest marketing projects and mostly about themselves and their updates whereas LIDER Marketing takes affairs to another level by blogging about small businesses who have unique concepts, Free Marketing Tips, Business Advice is a , and more.  Because they work with small businesses they created a small business community would really help build their network and help them prosper. Learn more about their project here: Business Advice “>Business Advice Sustainable entrepreneur

  • Create social media accounts that are relevant to your brand:

Facebook page likesMost businesses have their business social media accounts like Facebook Fan page, Twitter accounts tailored to their business’s feed. But why not create seperate social media accounts focusing on topics/images related to your brand or products? For example: A pet store creating an Instagram page with cute and funny animals or stories, or rustic furniture store creating a blog about how create rustic pieces and designs.The reason for starting a social media project such as this one is to attract your target market without them knowing you’re trying to attract them. And with time you can post about your own business perhaps once a month. It’s a great way to create backlinks. Back links will be created when your content or photos are shared and your website link is in the caption box.

Win an Award

Promote your businessWhen businesses win or even get nominated for an award they gain quite a bit of exposure. They also appear to be more accredited in comparison to the other businesses that did not win an award (even though it isn’t at all a reliable source to trust, considering they mostly consist of votes only – not stats or accurate business comparisons).

Exchange Promotional Services:

 promte your businessExchanging services is a great way to really promote your business. An exchange of service could be anything from placing each other’s logos or websites on each website or doing free materials or services for in exchange for some credits or promotions, examples:Videographers sometimes do celebrity music videos for credits at the beginning of the video. Sometimes music videos, movies and etc are sponsored and paid for by phone companies, alcohol companies and etc. In exchange their product or logo appears in the video/movie. Another example would be RBC + Apple: Apple supplies reduced costs for ipad to RBC and RBC promotes free ipad. Everyone wants an ipad, free or not so all existing member will not be able to get a free one but will want one after trying to get one for free and will eventually think about buying one- In which some do end up purchasing it – a good example of that is myself..Doing services like creating a flyer or going on a talk show to talk about cooking receipts, how to decorate your home, how to save money, etc  all for free in exchange for a mentioning your business and services/profession.

Do something helpful or heart warming with no expectation of getting anything back:

Photo Credit: startupfashion.com
Photo Credit: startupfashion.com

We’ve all seen this method of marketing, some people are touched and others might be disgusted. When people first started promoting their brands through filming a positive stories filled with heart-felt emotional things it was really effective. Some example would be the ‘’Dove’’ commercial and how they told women who thought they were ugly that they were in fact beautiful or the Indian prankster who helped a homeless man get off the street, get a job, and rent his own apartment. Many people shared these videos thus creating back links, they also made them go viral.Dove Advertisement: http://goo.gl/Qm3T7bHomeless man is given $1000:  http://goo.gl/ImKzPRHomeless man gets an apartment and starts new life: http://goo.gl/o8nh2RHowever, there was a lot of controversy and debate about how this businesses or celebrities are using social issues, such as those in these videos, for promotional alone and they and it through some people off :  I hope you enjoyed my 5 tips on promoting your business for particularly free!

Montreal’s Best Cafes For Productivity and Ambiance

As an entrepreneur, I really take pride in supporting the vast  small business community Montreal has to offer. When exploring all the different and unique concepts these businesses create and develop you can’t help but admire their motivation and aspiration. So much work is put in just to compete with big franchise competitors.

I started exploring cafes at a young age. I’ve had mixed experiences when doing my work in cafes but my best experiences were certainly not with the big franchises such as Starbucks and Second-cup but more with the smaller Cafes within the small business sector – they offer the best experiences and ambiance which is why they stand so strong.. their coffee tends to taste better as well ;)

Here are my top 8 choices for Montreal’s Best Cafes For Productivity and Ambiance:

1. Campanelli– St-Henri:

Best Montreal Cafes - Campanelli

Top Montreal Cafes - Campanelli

When I used to live up the street from Campanelli – I would order a coffee and sit to plan my day on my tablet in the morning. Every morning the coffee girl, Helen, would start my day off with a short, yet friendly, conversation. Their coffee is amazing and they make scrumptious sandwiches. There’s no Wifi so this would be a good spot for a short meeting or some non-internet work like scheduling/planning, typing or editing.

Titanic– Old Montreal:
Top Montreal Cafes - Titantic
Top Montreal Cafe - Titanic

This is an excellent spot for a lunch ”break” if you’re working in Old Montreal, Old Port or Downtown. Titanic has an amazing boat theme with an excellent food menu and quality coffee. They close at 4:30pm and only open through Monday-Friday. Highly recommended.

Lili and Oli – Griffintown:
Top Montreal Cafes - Lillie&Oli2
Lili and Oli’s crowd consists of people on their laptops or having brief meetings or quickly grabbing coffees to go. Whenever I go I can’t help but get absorbed in my work because that’s what everyone else is doing. The atmosphere is mellow yet motivating which is the perfect recipe for productivity. Their coffee tastes great and they have a beautiful mini terrace in the back!

4. Shäika Café– NDG:

Top Montreal Cafe - Shaika

Definitely one of my favorite cafes. Shäika Café has a really cozy atmosphere with a number of cozy spots to pick from and work for hours. They serve great food, good coffee and have a selection of teas. They also have a terrace out in front of their cafe and host live performances on certain nights during the week. They even serve sangria, beer and cider to cater to these performances – a great way to end a long day of work.

Although I do have to say – sometimes their internet doesn’t work…

5. Pikolo Espresso Bar – Downtown:
Top Montreal Cafes - Pikolo2
Top Montreal cafes - Pikolo
Small but great. They can make a coffee latte or tea latte. Pikolo Espresso Bar is tight but again is very cozy and offers that motivating atmosphere needed to get a lot of work done. I preper to go in the morning.

6.Rustique – St-Henri:
Top Montreal Cafes - Rustique
Rustique is more of a bakery rather then a cafe but they do serve good coffee, tea and of course delicious desserts.. There’s no internet connection but I love bringing my clients here for small 10-30 minute meetings. It has a quaint country decor that represents ”small business” perfectly. The staff are adorable!

7. Cafe Kali – Verdun:


Top Montreal Cafes - Cafe Kali

This is a really original cafe concept I stumbled upon recently. Cafe Kali is so special because it’s a cafe that caters to parents and their children. Often times I’ve been to cafes where parents bring their kids and they do tend to get unwelcoming glares which is where Cafe Kali comes into the picture. Parents can bring their children and feel welcome. They even created community for parents by running and hosting a number of events and workshops designed especially for parents and their kids. It’s the perfect working environment for a working parent!

8.Olive & Gourmand – Old Port:
Top Montreal Cafes - Olive & Goumand

Top Montreal Cafes - Olive & Gourmand

Top Montreal Cafes - Olive & Gourmand#2

If you really enjoy crowded spots Olive & Gourmand is the choice for you. Be sure to get there early or else you may be waiting a good 25 minutes before being seated which goes to show how amazing this place is. Olive & Gourmand has a concept and style that is very easy to fall in love with and so is their food and coffee!. There’s no internet connection so I would only recommend this spot for a short meeting or doing some quick work on your lunch break.

Let me know if you have any other cafes to add to this list, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the following cafes if you live in Montreal or decide to travel here.

Thanks for reading!

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