7 Essentials for a Perfect Working Environment

Working Environment When it comes to your private work space – details DO matter. It’s not just about the desk you picked out of the garbage, nor the chair that  gives you an awful back ache – and it’s definitely not about your hand-me-down desktop your parents donated to you out of pity – It’s about creating a work station that will keep you motivated and on the ball; take my word for it – a great office environment is worth the investment. Here are the Top 7 things that will create a perfect office environment.

1. Design and Layout:

Whether you are working from home or have a rising corporation, the layout and design of your office is a very important factor. You need to design a layout that inspires you and/or your employees. Something dull will only cause you to create yet another excuse to procrastinate. You and/or your employee’s work performance revolve around the atmosphere the office brings to them. Take the two photo examples I’ve posted below-

Check out these links for more cool offices designs and layouts:



2. External Hard Drive OR cloud computing:

Make this mandatory to all employees and yourself! For all those hours of work put into a presentation or report it should definitely be backed up hourly. There’s nothing worse than being a few minutes away from the finalizing a project when your laptop decides to explode or freeze. It’s something that I’ve personally experienced  so often that I should be embarrassed. I normally spend hours on advertising flyers, letters or blog content so due to past disasters I back everything up that way I don’t lose anything. However, I’ve learnt the hard way through many horrible data loss experiences.

Save your content (every hour) on an external hard drive, then once completed send it to your cloud provider to back up your goods up..

3.Staying Organized:

I think the picture I chose is perfect; it shows that without organization you’re doomed. Messes begin with BAD ORGANIZATION and BAD PLANNING. Preferably before you launch your company go out and buy these items:

  • Filing cabinet
  • Filing folders
  • Label maker
  • Binders
  • A desk with drawers
  • Agendas/ Hardcover note-book
  • Printer & photocopiers
  • Shelves
  • Bookshelves
  • Wire organizers

Another great way to keep the office organized is through cloud computing. Cloud computing helps store your data in an online storage space. In other words no need to print out that backup copy of the important document you signed- instead just send it over to your cloud provider and they’ll storage and manage it safely. However, not every internet company does cloud computing; I’m currently with a company called Kontego Networks and they’re amazing at what they do. It’s helped me a lot. The best part about it is it’s much more economic than doing it yourself – on top of it my office space looks nothing like the picture above (poor guy :’|) My advice try to avoid printing; try to keep everything IN your computer.

4.Adjustable Lighting:

Every person is different. Some people are easily stressed some are stress-free. Not everyone agrees with your standards. Therefore do everyone a favor and install adjustable lighting to your office so they can adjust it according to  their comfort and emotions.

When I work from home I have a tinted ceiling light which helps me relax when I work. However, there are times when I need more light so I made sure to place a mini lamp on my desk that way I can easily adjust the lighting to my liking.

5.Whiteboard/ Calendar:

Another contribution to a great office space is getting things done! A great way to do this is to buy yourself a small or large  white board. It’s a great way to keep organized and to remind yourself and your employees about the pile of work that still needs to be done.

You can use your white board for:

  • Calendar/scheduling
  • Presentations
  • Notes
  • Messages to your crew or staff
  • Brain storming
  • Keeping track of stats
  • Telling someone off because you lack the confidence to say it to their face?..

OK maybe not the last one but you get my drift. It can be useful for many things, especially in a fast pace business.

6.Recycling System:

By putting a recycling system in your office you’re not only are you creating a better future for the earth, yourself and your family, but you will also save a massive amount of money and resources. Every year a Southlander will send 545 kg of rubbish and 101 kg of recyclable to the landfill; %45 doing this is businesses. At home and the office there are so many things you can recycle such as: Paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, electrical waste and etc. Many people don’t take the time to set up recycling system because they think it’s pointless and doesn’t bring anything back to them. But they’re wrong! Here are a few benefits to recycling:

  • Reduced risk of harmful chemicals in electronic goods ending up in our environment
  • Increase supply of resources for manufacturing
  • Reducing demand for councils to provide waste disposal services helps keep rates lower
  • Reduction in your carbon footprint

Once again cloud computing is a great money saver. It will cut the acquirement quantities of paper, folders, filing cabinets and so many other affairs.

 7. Comfort

I’m sure many will agree on the fact comfort matters; especially when you’re sitting in your chair all day. Setting up an office that has (at the least) comfortable chairs will  make a huge difference in the long run. Don’t just do it for their desk space but also do it in the lounge room. Throw in some beanie chairs or extra comfy sofas along with a TV. Put a bunch of blankets in a closet so when someone forgets their sweater they can snag a blanket to stay warm. Make sure there is a coffee machine with descent coffee.

Take Google as an example, they created an atmosphere that makes their employees want to come to work. It motivates them to do their best and prove that their skills are worthy of their  spot in Google. Point finale, if you pet their back they’ll pet yours. If you give them something amazing they’ll want to do the same.

Bringing comfort to an office space is definitely an investment worth investing in. Think of it this way, a comfy office space should make your employees feel at home and as if they’re working for their own benefit when in reality it’s actually  towards yours.


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