Youtube Discouveries That May Increase An Entrepreneur’s Inspiration Meter

One thing we can all count on is finding inspiration from those around us whom are like-minded entrepreneurs. We are a community that is capable of changing lives and enviornments. I wanted to set-up a post with some of the most inpiration indivduals I’ve found on Youtube. Youtube is not always an accurate source for information, however, it is proven time after time that is is astounding for finding indivduals who do impressive things and who are simply impressive. Here are 5 inspiration individuals/groups I found on youtube:


  1. 44 Flood | Tome:

I first discouvered Tome when I was browsing Kickstarter for examples of how to prepare my first kickstarter video. Ever since watching their video I had been transformed into a very big fan. Their passion for their work is mind-blowing and they’re deep understanding of who they are, what and who they love along with the sheer happiness and fulfillment that dances in their eye was memorizing. The group has one of the first most successful campaigns on Kickstarter drawing in a total of 1,130 backers that equaled out to $132,538 in start-up money for their book project.

Youtube channel:


2. Michael Blake:

An aspiring artisit whom I discouvered when I was very young. He inspired me to stick to my dreams and passions and move forward with them even if I didn`t get any recongition. He started off with about 20 000 views to this video – now he is at 600 000 views:

Youtube channel:


3. Kirsten Dirksen:

I first stumbled upon Kirsten Dirksen when I was running some reserach on susainable communities for the Sustainable Entrepreneur Project (TSE). Kirsten has a number of videos that focus on localization, minimum consumerism and most importantly sustainablitiy and pro-social activist. She is an inspirational woman who has a drive and create very interesting, intelligent information that could possiblely change your way of thinking and even living. Just watching her work will inspire you to work as hard as her.

Youtube channel:

4. Steve Cutts:

As most of you have noticed, I`m naming indivduals who are not featured in their own videos. People tend to mistaken confidence for quality or wisdom and in truth it is irrelevant. Steve Cutts is an artisit that creates pieces protraying the harsh reality of the human race. He focuses on protraying a number of social issues all stretched through a 3 minute video. The video I posted below is the first video of his work that I viewed:

Youtube channel:


5. Michelle Pham

Don`t forget we are talking business here. Michelle Pham is a makeup vblogger,however, it`s not what she vblogs about it`s about how she vblogs. Michelle Pham started vblogging when she was a little girl and gained herself a international fanbase. There are loads of girls blogging about makeup but Michelle has out done them all. By watching one of her videos you will see how much work goes into just one of her projects and it will inspire you to do your best the same as she has done. Her videos are an inspiration to anyone`s brand.

Youtube channel:

In hopes of sending you a little inspiration I wish that it helps in the most effective ways! Now it`s your turn – share with me your favorite most inspiration indivduals you found through the use of youtube! Share them in the comments below!

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5 Steps to Starting Your First Business Blog

Starting a blog for your business or for professional use can be a daunting task. There is a lot of research that is involved inbuilding a successful blog and there are many resources I can share to make your begin slightly easier. A reader asked me how I began my business blog and which resources I needed to get started. Here are my five tips I would like to share with those looking to start a business blog:

Design something superb:

Starting your blog
This may seem obvious but something that will drag in followers and readers more effectively is the design and personality of your blog. Your design will help you stand out from all the other bloggers and target the exact market you’re looking to grab. Be strategic and know your target market inside and out so that you can create a strategic design that caters and appeals to that specific target.

Getting More Followers:
After you’ve created relevant content you will need to find spots to share to the target market you’re looking for. Fortunately for bloggers there are a number of resources such as websites, blogs and forums you can use to get your articles and blogs out there. Sharing your blog will help you gain the followers you need to get more sales for your business. A great way to reach out to your target market is to:

  • Share all of your content on social media’s such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and etc.

Facebook Marketing

  • Comment and read other starter blogs and introduce yourself. Build relationships with other bloggers and you be sure to attract some followers.
  • Comment on very popular blogs with very intelligent and well thought out comments. Make sure your company blog or website is attached in your user link. I cannot count the times I’m been lead to another blog due to this technique and become a follower to another blog.

Guest posting is an extremely awesome way to get followers and awareness. Create an article that caters to their audience and be sure to choose a blog that is popular like MTLBlog. This will give you massive exposure (depending on the blogs popularity) and will also help you increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For more details on resources that will help you build your blog’s audience please see LIDER Marketing’s blog on Great Ways to Promote Your Blog and Build an Audience. (Post date: July 27th)

Engage with your commenter
Anyone who took the time to write a comment is looking for engagement or credit – give it to them. Engage with your commenter and they may just start following your blog and sharing your content.

Find associates:

Starting your business blog

Your blog will grow a lot faster if you grow with the right associates. You connect with associates for many different reasons and in many different ways.


  • Indirect companies to share your blog or product to their clients or target market ( you both exchange banners).
  • Content contributors – Find individuals to create content on their blogs that involve your blog.
  • Networking & business opportunities


  • Relevant networking event
  • Reaching out to potential associates through social media accounts
  • Contacting individuals you know through your personal life or work life
  • Advertise to individuals who just want exposure and will help generate content in exchange for credit.

Find guest bloggers to contribute to your blog:

Starting your busines blog

There are a number of people just like you looking to get their start-up or new career off the ground. Seek these people out where ever you see them and offer them a chance to guest blog for you. Most people know the importance of guest blogging because guest blogging is a great way of gaining exposure. Not only will it give you exposure but it will also help you optimize your blog or website for search engines which is what we call increasing you SEO. Learn more about SEO through our article : 5 Search Engine Optimization SEO Facts and Tips

I’d like to think Julia for this blog topic and I am wishing her a healthy start with her new business blog. For anyone else looking for advice for their business ventures please feel free to email me an email or write a comment.

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How to Start Your Day Productively

Being productive in the morning is a challenging thing. Productivity takes discipline, dedication and thinking. Many people know what their distractions are but need some set stone steps to get them started. To help, I’ve listed 5 steps on how to start your day productively:

1. Hit up the cafe up your street 30 minute before your usually departure time:

Working at cafe

I used to walk up the street and grab a coffee at the cafe up my street where I would then sit and plan my day. The cafe didn’t have internet which meant I had no distractions while using  my tablet.

By planning your day just before it starts you’ll feel more clear minded and have a higher chance of completing all of your tasks. Make sure to create a check list so you can keep track of what you have to do, what is done and what is left.

2. Work on the hardest and most dreaded tasks first :

Hard work

The hardest task is the task that you may end up stressing over because it usually gets pushed aside due to its level of difficulty. This will often times cause you to procrastinate with the smaller and easier business affairs. This is because you may start to feel overwhelmed with the fact that one thing (most of the time an important thing) isn’t done and this will generally cause the rest of your list to fall behind schedule thus preoccupying your mind resulting in no productivity.

My advice is to start with the hardest affairs and go down to the smaller affairs so that you stay focused and feel motivated as well as accomplished throughout the day.

3. Log out of you social media accounts & close your browser:

Social Media

Most people love to start their mornings off by checking their Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and whatever – instead, just log out and don’t open them. If you do work with social media be sure to schedule your posts for the entire week at the END of your workload.

A large 68 percent of workers say they have been distracted from completing work by browsing the Web, engaging with social media and checking emails.This brings us to our next point:

4. Limit your email & text responses:


Sure, you have to answer a few emails relating to potential or existing customers regarding their projects or status of their orders etc, however, if it is none of those it can wait for a response. Pick an hour in the day to respond to unimportant, non-urgent or non-priority emails. Focus on the tasks that will move your business forward.

5. Meet a like-minded friend for breakfast:


This is something that has always had an extremely positive outcome for me. My friends that own businesses or whom are students in university or professionals who are working hard and share the same ambitious as me are the best solutions to being productive in the morning. Pick a fantastic friend, pick a fantastic breakfast spot that has fantastic food and a fantastic ambiance and then have a fantastic conversation. This has never once failed me.

In the end, when you place yourself in a setting you love and admire nothing can stop you from your goal, objectives and your dreams. Be clear minded and don’t fall off track with all the distractions we have nowadays. I hope this blog post helped you! If you would also like to share some tips leave them in the comment board below!

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Introduction to Content Marketing


Content Marketing raising awareness and interest within a product or service through the distribution of educational, entertaining or informative material. The most Successful content marketers provide materials that are of high quality and helpful in solving problems people may have.
Content Marketing, when done correctly, can be your leading source of lead generation. There are hundreds of businesses who make all their sales through distributing information. The main function of Content Marketing is to have their material shared and published in places that will reach their target markets eyes. Many businesses create anything from news, video, infographics, white papers, e-books, case studies and static repots, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, etc.
Wiki had a great way of summing the definition of Content Marketing up by writing:
“the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined target audience in order to drive profitable customer action”

Be sure to follow these steps to create material that will be successful :
1. You must fine tune your target market and
2. Study your market’s holes, know its flaws as well as missing knowledge and find solutions
for them
3. With those solutions create valuable and quality content
4. Research and build relationships with associations or site that are capable of distributing
your materials to the right audience.
5. Begin sharing your content. You can do so by submitting your material to sharing sites that
fit your content and type of business.
6. Analysts and measuring ROI and traffic

Here is another chart displaying a case study conducted by MarketingCharts displaying the success rate for each step when launching a content marketing campaign:

Content Marketing Performance
It shows the that the majority do have a generally positive experience when working with Content Marketing however the ”Business Results” shows that more than half were under preforming. These results are most likely due to lack of defining their own target market. People will not take interest in your product or services if your materials are complete irrelevant, your Content Marketing campaign will definitely fail for example: LIDER Marketing is currently working with Norn Pants on a content marketing project using an infographic. Norn Pants specialize in high-end male dress pants therefore the info-graphic we chose to do is on pants ONLY. Most info-graphics focused on an entire suit, however, if Norn were to create an infographic on a full suit anyone trailing back to their website through this infograpahic will be looking to buy full suits NOT just pants.

Keeping your content relevant and unique is key to creating brilliant sharable content for your business and projects. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you have any questions, comments or requests please leave them in the comment box below!

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Learning: Woman’s Business Attire


How to dress in business to impress clients and customers. 

Business woman puts her feet up on her desk on the phone

As a professional, appearance and first impressions are critical. As a woman, the issue of presentation and dress are far more complex. How people see women in business is thus doubly important, and choosing the best method to make a positive impression is far more difficult. We would like to offer some guidance when shaping your business wardrobe.


Knowing Where to Draw the Line

There is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate business attire, and it is essential to understand these boundaries. Self respect is more valuable than attention, and being honest with yourself about how you present yourself is the first step. If you are questioning whether your skirt is too short, or your shirt is too sheer, it is worth reexamining your outfit and questioning whether or not it is appropriate.

Hair and Makeup

Resist over-applying makeup and using dramatic shades on the eyes and cheeks. Office cosmetics should be extremely simple, light and neat. Here are some straightforward suggestions and errors to avoid:

The Do’s:

Business Make upBusiness-Makeup_Abusiness-woman-make-upjpg

The Don’t ‘s:

Business Make upOctober-2010-Celebrating-her-30th-Birthday-Tao-Nightclub-Las-Vegasembarrasing-pictures-eyebrowa


in our opinion, business attire is ideally sophisticated, classy and serious, and we should aspire to have every outfit achieve all three criteria. Women’s professional attire is fortunately not limited to suits exclusively. When assembling your outfit, take care in coordinating colors, covering the appropriate amount of cleavage, and ensuring hem lines do not pass your fingertips when placing your arms at your sides (refer to photo for example). Do not wear clothes that are too tight to the point that they are ill-fitting. Be sure that you are comfortable and confident, and this includes your shoes. Shoes should not be painful or a distraction, simplicity and sensibility will gain you more respect than extreme or worn-out shoes. Here are a few suggests and errors to avoid:

The Do’s:

11a51de19fdce6d90c770fbecbf3124d 43a7bd42a00f0f56d615b53af23f23d5 354f828c73b90c977e9b29fcb1aa53f9 38587f148ee235740421efd60453eb4e c415f3a7b665ea67a8b01528ca530574 c992c87bb2632c8dc6a241655c10b504 e1d15148c18af727f74304d02d462df8 ee229c254e977db759f10a34e240e1a7 White-collar-Women-Business-Attire-2014-fashionable-ladies-business-suits-women-business-suits-formal-office-suits

The Don’t ‘s:

7d77b260b9926f2fe2e53e00530779d8 9b336bcaaa2b8064f9ba6e6600e5e924 2982a9e MTIwOTA2MDQzMjY0OTIyNjU0


Always be sure your nails are groomed or neat. For everyday tasks, it’s not necessary for them to be painted, but they should be consistently tidy. If you wish to have your nails painted for important meetings, we recommend a simple look, such as a french manicure or a neutral or red. Do not wear exaggerated nail art, this does not lend itself well to a serious and organized appearance. A few examples are as followed:

The Do’s:

nails-05           via-allure-magazine-The-Estée-Lauder-nail-color-at-dereklam-on-some-seriously-nice-nails-nyfw

The Don’t ‘s:

bildschirmfoto-2012-12-19-um-12-11-46           tumblr_lqqa7pvfJW1qe7jqto1_1280

First impressions are especially important in business. If you are not highly concerned with your appearance, you may want to reconsider, because rest assured, other people will be drawing conclusions often based on nothing more. Maintaining a self-assured and elegant appearance is well worth the effort when conducting business, and we hope this article has helped you towards this. Please contact us if you have questions or need suggestions.

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6 Tips When Starting Your Youtube Business:

Another reader of mine requested that I write a blog about how to start a Youtube Channel that would eventually turn into a business and salary. Starting a Youtube ChannelStarting a Youtube Channel is an easy process if you’re not looking to make any profit. When looking to start a profitable youtube channel that will become a business of it’s own there are many precautions you will need to take to ensure your channel’s success so here are 5 Tips When Starting Your Youtube Business:

1. Figure Out A Solid Subject or Theme For Your Channel’s Content:
Choosing the topic and theme of your channel is an extremely critical and important decision that will effect your success. If you choose a topic that already has a bunch of you tubers who already cover that topic and do a good job at it, It is unlikely you will be more successful than them or have any success at all. Unless you find a creative way to beat your competition, find a topic and theme that isn’t like all the other channels and Youtubers. Here are a few things to check:

Your idea is profitable – Do your research and see if your idea will or can be profitable:
– see if people need informations on a particular topic
– see if there is a flaw in what your competition is doing. ex: A channel that offers great information but lack in the creative sector. You could come in and do both thus winning over the audience.
– Make sure you have an interest in your theme or topic so that you can keep up to date with everything effortlessly and create content with a passion and ambition.
– Make sure you are knowledgeable in the information you share.

2. Film with or within the right settings and backgrounds:

Believe it or not this can make the biggest difference when viewers are passing by your channel for the first time. Having a pleasant or professional looking background will influence your viewers in believing that you are a quality blogger/Youtuber. They will be more likely to watch your video and perhaps even subscribe!
Examples of great backgrounds:
– Michael Phan
– Majestic

3. Get to know your targeted audience:

Getting the demographics of your audience is an extremely important thing. You need to understand your demographics interests and wants so that you can create content with the right reading materials, tone and creativity. Here are a few demographics to follow:
– Age -Gender -Hobby/interests – Cultures/Nationalities – Geographics -Personal Experiences

4. Make a few videos before marketing:

I cannot count how many times any in dependent, self employed individual makes this mistake. You need to have content before you start marketing your channel, product, service and general business. As a Youtuber, you should make the VERY MINIMUM five(5) videos before you begin promoting your channel.

5. Create a Facebook Fanpage:

Katie Raspberry
Create a Facebook Fanpage so that your watchers have another account to watch you on. Be sure to add a personal touch to this Facebook page by showing off your personality and showing a bit more of your personal life/projects. For example if you’re blogging about beauty create a video of you going to get your nails/hair done. If you blog about information on the environment create something revolving around your personal projects that involve saving the environment. People love seeing new content about their favourite subscriptions on their Facebook time feed – so get creative!

6.Get in contact with other Youtubers and Channels:

Other than a Facebook Fanpage another great way to get more subscribers is to go to other Youtubers who are doing the same thing as you and ask them to check out your channel. Make sure to write them a personal message or even take a business approach and ask if they would be interested in exchanging promotional services.

I hope this helps you with the basics of starting a small Youtube Channel. Although the process seems quite simple it is time consuming and will become challenging to manage but in exchange you will have a fun and fulling job that will always have new projects awaiting to be developed.

Please let me know if you have any subjects you would like me to write about! Thank you Sarah for the blog request.

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Montreal Business Owner – Dress Pants For Winter!


Professional wardrobes that keep you warm in the winter are hard to find and to put together in the morning. Ideally, you would prefer to keep it as simple as your summer wardrobe but the cold will always protest against it. I would say the number one issue with winter wardrobes is finding a pair of dress pants that will keep you as warm as your winter jacket when outdoors and traveling.

Gregory Oganesian, like many Canadians, has experienced countless harsh winter days. He has endured the biting winds and blowing snow, and has faced the all too familiar daily dilemma: “Do I dress warm to get to work, or do I dress professionally?” Long johns were too bulky and trousers were too cold, so Gregory decided to take matters into his own hands. Unable to find pants that were both functional and fashionable, Gregory Oganesian invented his own, and founded NORN.

NORN creates professional trousers with a built-in thermal lining, designed to take you effortlessly from outdoors to the office. Made with a sharp polyester-wool blend exterior and a warm polyester lining, NORN trousers are built to last and are recongized high quality dress pant. For a small additional fee, they can even be custom tailored.

Norn Dress Pants


Léandre Guimond, fashion blogger at Le Cahier says “It was -20°C when I wore them for the first time just to test them out, and believe me, they performed!”

Norn Dress PantsSource:

If you have chosen not to decorate your pants, you can send back any damaged trousers within 10 days. If any defects in the product, NORN will repair or replace your trousers, but they must be returned no more than 3 months after you receive them.

Gregory Oganesian has turned his frustration into innovation, and his ideas into reality. Based in Montréal, he works hard to create high quality trousers, built for the busy professional, and the brave Canadian. For more information on NORN pants please visit their online store at:
NORN Clothing also is constantly educating professionals and people with taste for quality clothing on how to wear, maintain and stay up to date on everything to do with dress pants. So visit the NORN Facebook page or blog to get all their latest update! Here’s an info graphic they created on how to wear men’s dress pants:

How to wear dress pants info graphic

 Thanks for reading!

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