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5 Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) facts and tips :

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most profitable and cost-efficient methods to invest a small business marketing budget. You gradually gain a large amount of exposure through increasing your overall Search engine optimization (SEO) in a relevantly short amount of time and a very small price (especially if you do it on your own). For those looking to build their SEO up on there own here are a few tips I recommend you follow:

The term”Ranking” is actually an award for your marketing efforts:


Your SEO ranking score is calculated by the amount of quality content you produce, how shared your content is, if you communicate and engage with your readers or users and if your brand is a trusted brand.

There’s a big difference between Organic SEO and Non-Organic SEO:

organic SEO Montreal

Non-Organic traffic is paid traffic also known as advertisements. Advertisements direct traffic to your website through the ads you’ve place, the traffic is generated when a browser clicks on the ad.

Organic traffic is created by building your SEO either on your own or with an SEO specialist. By learning how to do it on your own, you will be saving a ton of money. Be cautious when doing SEO on your own, you will need to put in a very large amount of time as well as making sure to keep yourself up to date with all the changes in the google algorithm and continuously making sure you’re doing everything right.

Or you can save yourself the hassle and hire an SEO specialist or for faster ROI stick to using non-organic methods such as  advertising. My recommendation is hiring a specialist so you do not waste time and money. A great business for that is LIDER Marketing.

Use anchor links AS MUCH AS YOU CAN:
Try to include as many links to your site while using your strongest keyword phrases. A great way of doing this is through anchor links. For example, if your target is searching Montreal Internet Marketing then link to “Montreal Internet Marketing” instead of a “Click here” link. The code for creating an anchor link is as followed:

anchor code

anchor link

And once you publish switch from HTML platform to visual platform you should see something similar to this:

“Montreal Internet Marketing”

Do not use Flash:

Flash Website
Search Engine’s spiders do not crawl Flash and they tend to avoid Flash-based websites. Having Flash on your website will decrease your Search engine optimization (SEO) and your potential to reach a top SEO score. Needless to say, I have seen top ranking websites that were Flash-based websites, their SEO was great in every other aspect but that is a very rare find.

Using Images effectively (Optimized Images):
If you want to use an image on your site make sure the the text is placed on the image through HTML it you want to place content on the image. The reason being, SE’s spiders only read the image’s title/label, they do not read anything you’ve pasted on an image example:



Search Engine Optimization is so important for businesses anywhere in the world – take full advantage of the digital world. I hope these SEO tips come in handy for you and your business!

Thanks for reading!

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Google Glass – What Do They Do?


Google Glasses is the latest revolution of technology, while once again making reach and information much more accessible. What does Google Glasses do exactly?

Google Glasses is a device that is worn just like real pair glasses, it has a very innovative and sleek look while being supposedly very durable. There are a variety of tasks this small device can preform some being:

– Record and take pictures with just a wink of an eye.

– Translates your voice into any other language

– Give you notifications/information on directions, reminders of appointments, time estimates when traveling

– Video Conference

– Option of sharing videos and pictures with others (Social Media, Phone, Tablets, etc)

– Send messages vocally that can also transform into text.


Google glasses revealed that Michael DiGiovanni, an infamous developer, created a program that allows users to take a picturewith just the wink of an eye! With Google Glasses’ design it’s easy to wear, use and style making it easy to believe that this is going to be a success! They’ve estimated that the product is probably going to have a price range within 1,200$ – 1,550$.

Of course, with great convenience comes great scepticism. Google Glasses was reportedly banned from the UK while driving as it is seen as an invasion of privacy. Also, Google glasses will be banned from general public areas such as the Casino, Caesars Palace and other places. Google stated on June 1, 2013: “We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material” You can find more about the sex apps that might appear here: Google Glasses Porn App.

The future outcome of Google Glasses future seems promising however, is it the device a bit too limited or simple? Is the price too high? What are your opinions on the product?  How and/or would you use it in your business?

Katie Raspberry

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Choosing the Right Key Words

A lot of people find it hard to get natural traffic without advertising or promoting… Here’s a tip for you:

Select Popular Topics!

Let me show you how :)


Step.1: Open a Google Adwords Account








Step 2: Go to Tool and Analysis









Step3: Once there, select the ”Keyword Tool” option

Step 4: Start typing in words that relate to your industry or to the things you wish to talk about. Those are what we call keyword.

Step 5: Analysis the results: (read below)

As you can see once you hit the search button a list of results will pop up. The first thing you will look at will depend on whether you are international or a local business. I am a local business so I will look at the ‘’Local Monthly Searches’’ in the purple color I have circled it. If you’re international your main focus will be Global searches.  Once you’ve picked you’re target’s location analysis the number. 3,350,000 views is amazing. Once you’ve figured out the search status of your search look at the competition – Low competition with 3 350 000 searches per month is more than phenomenal. Not to mention rare. When the competition is low it means your CCP rate will be low. In the green box there are other keywords that many relate to what you’re looking to advertising – the more keywords the better so click the ‘’more like these’’ button and see if it comes up with something better than what you have. My advice for a popular blog is to choose keywords that are popular so that it actually shows up in search engines. And if your competition is low it probably means that you have an easier time showing up on Google’s top spot. If you Google ”bizarre facts about Monday” you’ll find that I have taken the 4th spot; where Oddee has taken 1st.

Please let me know how this post helped you!

Katie Raspberry

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How to Get Traffic

Blogging Part 2

Want to learn how to get more traffic? In the last few blogs I did Creating Money Online and Small Business concept/Ideas I spoke about many ways to make money –  one of them being your actual blog. Many people asked me how? How are others actually capable of making a solid and decent living off blogging. In order to be able to make any kind of money from blogging you’ll need to have readers. Weather you have a massive amount of subscribers or top Google ranking. You just need a high volume of readers to make a decent amount of moula. So let’s discuss:

How to Get Subscribers:

 1. Finding the right topic to Blog about!

When blogging you need to figure out what people are looking to read.  This is where your market research will kick in. You’ll need to pick a target and figure out what they like to read! You can find out in how to pick the right keyword in my next blog post about ‘’Choosing the Right Key Words’’ It’ll demonstrate how to use Google Keyword Tool.

2. Back Links(text links):

People think there’s some crazy formula to make a text link work… news flash: there is none. A back link is quite simple… It takes effect after perhaps 3-6months. What it does is place your blog higher and higher on Google’s pages it’s called ’’Google Ranking’’. Why is it important? Ex: Someone is looking for a nice restaurant to go to – they end up looking online; they type in ‘’Restaurants in Montreal’’ the top 10 most optimization websites with the most back links will pop up on Google’s front page. All you really need to do is copy your URL and start posting it to comments you make on blogs, in online directories, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, and any social media possible ex: Twitter, WordPress, Facebook Linkedin etc

3. Paid Advertising: (For fast results)

If you want fast results then pay Yahoo or Google for the Ads; or you can ask a super popular blog to place and ad on their blog. However, those can be pricey and risky. Monitor the results of the ads – you need to make sure your target is being reached and your getting the results you’re looking for. For example: I use Google Adwords – as a keyword I put ‘’Work’’ I had 91 clicks from just that keyword. Compared to all the rest it was the most successful (when counting clicks) however, I didn’t get that many subscribers (which was my goal) So I realized I could no long use this keyword because it was taking up a lot of money and giving me no results. Whereas ‘’Business Start-ups’’ was giving me everything I needed from comments to subscribers. I hope you get my drift.

4. Original Creative Content/Material:

As I said in my last post this is key because sometimes you can even become popular if you make something original. Take the Youtube celebrity Michael Pham; she started making vblogs on make-up tutorials and is probably making $1 for every 1000 views. One of her videos has 2 711 272 views… that’s $2711/week (she makes videos once a week) . She was one of the first people to create make-up tutorials; not only that her videos were so creative and appealing. She has almost 1 million fans on Facebook.  Think outside the box and be the first to do so; that’s how you’ll get popular.

Those are only a few ways to get loads of subscribers try searching other ways or even creating your own! You do however, need a lot of time or at least have a team of people who can help you get all of these done in a short amount of time for maximum results. Back links are the most difficult in terms of results vs. time.

Let me know how this blog helped you and what you would like to hear next!

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