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5 of The Oldest Businesses On The Planet

The oldest businesses in the world are certainly businesses we should take after and learn from. The power of persistence and keen, educated business minds are very powerful tools that are essiential for business success. If you think a 100 year old business is fascinating just imagine a business that is over 1000 years old like the ones in our list. Here are 5 of The Oldest Businesses On The Planet:

  • Kongo Gumi – 578 AD


Kongo Gumi is a construction company over 1400 years old. They apparently survived for so long because of their busines flexiablity. They were remarkably capable of swiftly going with the current era’s devastations.

  • Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan -705 AD

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Oldest hotel in Japan and the world -nisiyama-onsen-keiunkan-

Is a hot spring hotel located in Hayakawa, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. It is one of the oldest operating businesses in the world and the oldest hotel. It’s been a family run business for 52 generations.

  • Sean’s Bar -900 AD

5630144956_8e77661703 seans-bar

Located in Athlone, Ireland. It is considered to be the oldest pub in Europe. It was originally known as “Luain’s Inn”.

  • Stiftskeller St. Peter – 803 AD

Stiftskeller St. Peter Stiftskeller St. Peter 3

Located in Salzbury, Austria sits Stiftskeller St. Peter which is considered to be  the oldest inn  within Central Europe. It is also cited to be one of the oldest restaurants in Europe.


Château de Goulaine – 1000 AD

Photo aerienne du chateau de Goulaine et des marais

In the Loire Valley located near Nantes, France sits a former castle called Château de Goulaine. The castle was home to the family of the marquis de Goulaine for over a thousand years. Now, it is the estate-bottled wine produced at chateau.

Do you have any other businesses to add to our list? If so leave them in the comments with their locations!
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source: wiki


What Are The Occupations Of The Human Population?

Photo credit:

Here is the world’s population (7 billion people)  divided into their field of work. A staggering 430 million individuals are unemployed and only 400 million are entrepreneurs and 1.4 billion work in agriculture . What are your thoughts on this chart?


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Original Steam Punk Cafe in Cape Town South Africa

Truth Coffee

Small Business

I recently discovered this fantastic Cafe call Truth.Coffee. The idea was  developed and run by Jose Vilandy, David Donde and Richard Kellond. Together they created a steam punk cafe that also manufactures quality coffee beans and offer services in training to brew the coffee.


What caught my eye about this Cafe is that the theme is steam punk:P I honestly have never seen anything like this. In Canada or America this would be a really big hit! Here are some photos of their business location and design:

77D0CAACDDC66ED94E4D8CB011F9E8_h498_w598_m2 awesome-steampunk-interior-design-at-truth-cafe-in-south-africa-bored-panda-google-chrome-1072013-73709-am Cafe Design Ideas download (1) download Great Cafe Design Small Business Small Cafe Steak punk business Steak Punk Cafe Business steam-1 steampunk-02 steampunk-06 steampunk-coffee-house-in-cape-town-south-africa-truth-7 steampunklead steampunk-truth-coffee-shop-cape-town-6
















For more information on the Truth.Coffee business visit their website at:


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Food Rates: Canada vs. USA

American food portions and rates

Being a native Canada I am continuously comparing the differences between Canada and the States.
Considering how we are not far apart you wouldn’t think they would have so many differences.After recently traveling to Boston  I noticed a number of obvious differences in the American culture. However, there was one thing that boggled me and that is the HUGE difference in food pricing and portions. That being said, I wanted to purchase some candy during my trip to satisfy my cravings and I went to the CVS in Boston and I was in pure heaven. A package of nerds three time the size Canada sold was the exact same price at $1.69/box.

American Portion
American Portion
Canadian Portion
Canadian Portion

I went to many restaurants and the portions were so big I was able to get takeouts for a second meal, two in one! It made me wonder how it was possible to have food and products not just with much larger portions but also generally a lot cheaper . Boston and New York have extremely expensive real estate rates so I couldn’t help but wonder how it was possible that the restaurants could stay open while providing  larger portions at cheaper prices and still be able to afford the ridiculously overly priced commercial rental rates.

I believe it is the same reason we always end up sick in cheap resort vacations like Cuba or Cancun; Because the food standards are different – American food production companies can produce their foods with a cheaper method as well as different ingredients. When you have McDonalds in the states it tastes completely different( much worse in my opinion).It always blew my mind because within ever country there is a different standard for the quality which effects taste and health. Another reason for the cheaper prices is perhaps the fact that Canada doesn’t want their residents eating too much junk so they hike up the prices. Many of the junk products in the U.S are not allowed to be sold in Canada such as the SUPER SIZED soda drinks they have (see diagram below)..


AP_Sugary_Drinks-x-largeDoes anyone have any contribution to the reason of the price differences? What are you
thoughts on the low food standards in some countries?


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An Artistic Start-Up

While exploring the start-up fund raiser Kickstarter , I came across an extremely interesting  and unusual start up. I have many friends who have studied art but have decided not to pursue it directly. Being that of an intelligent choice; we wonder why – People say how there is no future in someone with the artistic background; in terms of making any kind of money on art alone. This assumption was concluded by people who failed due to the mass amount of artists in the world. When there’s a lot of competition with a generally low demand –  it’s much harder to gather clients. However, competition is never an ending point – it can always be beaten.

After saying that, you can understand why I admire this start-up. They’ve managed to use their artistic skills to raise more than 5.7 times their goal- the total they raised was $105,463.00. They’re trying to create a book with many different artists’ work on display. Check out the project TOME you will be just as flabbergasted with how much success they have obtained….

Here are a few of their pieces:

Business start up - Artistic start-up

They’ve managed to fund raise all of this through the website Kickstarter. Where so many people were willing to give them almost 6x their asking! It was truly incredible!

If you’re looking to do fund raising for your start up or even your small – medium sized business then Kickstarter is the place to go!  Let me know how this post helped you and what else you would like to know!

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Choosing the Right Key Words

A lot of people find it hard to get natural traffic without advertising or promoting… Here’s a tip for you:

Select Popular Topics!

Let me show you how :)


Step.1: Open a Google Adwords Account








Step 2: Go to Tool and Analysis









Step3: Once there, select the ”Keyword Tool” option

Step 4: Start typing in words that relate to your industry or to the things you wish to talk about. Those are what we call keyword.

Step 5: Analysis the results: (read below)

As you can see once you hit the search button a list of results will pop up. The first thing you will look at will depend on whether you are international or a local business. I am a local business so I will look at the ‘’Local Monthly Searches’’ in the purple color I have circled it. If you’re international your main focus will be Global searches.  Once you’ve picked you’re target’s location analysis the number. 3,350,000 views is amazing. Once you’ve figured out the search status of your search look at the competition – Low competition with 3 350 000 searches per month is more than phenomenal. Not to mention rare. When the competition is low it means your CCP rate will be low. In the green box there are other keywords that many relate to what you’re looking to advertising – the more keywords the better so click the ‘’more like these’’ button and see if it comes up with something better than what you have. My advice for a popular blog is to choose keywords that are popular so that it actually shows up in search engines. And if your competition is low it probably means that you have an easier time showing up on Google’s top spot. If you Google ”bizarre facts about Monday” you’ll find that I have taken the 4th spot; where Oddee has taken 1st.

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A Business Dinner

You’re a small business owner and discovered a potential client you would like to win over. Most entrepreneurs use dinner as a way to communicate and connect with their future clients. For small contracts I wouldn’t suggest it but for the big ones – go for it. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when hosting a business dinner:

1.       Attire:

Be sure to dress very well; this seems obvious but 98% of the time business persons DO care about your appearance. Be sure to dress accordingly – whether it’s semi-causal or formal. Don’t wear ‘’cheap formal’’ impress your peers as much as possible and try to stick to good quality clothes and accessories… no cap hats, no jeans, no sweat pants, no faded shirts (honestly – I’ve seen it before)

2.       Conversation:

Sometimes the conversation isn’t always about business; that being said always be ready with fresh and new topics ready to be thrown into the engaged conversation. I actually do a lot of random research for fun and it comes in handy every time I am evolved in a conversation  with someone; my mind is full of ideas. Try searching interesting topics that are in relation to the event.

3.       Restaurant Picking:

Be sure to choose a restaurant that compliments you and your business ex: let’s say you choose a restaurant with fine wine along with quality food it can possibly help you come off as well established company that offers quality services. This all depends on the type of business you have or what type of client you’re trying to sell to. Not all businesses would prefer fine cuisine; sometimes a small and original restaurant with a special aspect about it would be more effective than an expensive meal. You need to pin point what mood and emotions you want to trigger and then figure out what they would enjoy more.

4.Wine Choosing:

Not many people realize this but when it comes to wine choosing it matters more than you think. It will show how you handle certain job related situations such as: If you choose a good quality wine in a short period of time it will influence your peers to believe you are a fast yet good decision maker.  If however you’ve taken your time and have chosen a bad wine it will bring negative assumptions about you AND your work.

When I think about it the details sound so idiotic yet they really do influence people – the funny thing is they don’t even know it. Its physiology more than anything; we’re playing with moods, emotions and stereo-types I suppose.

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