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Google Glass – What Do They Do?


Google Glasses is the latest revolution of technology, while once again making reach and information much more accessible. What does Google Glasses do exactly?

Google Glasses is a device that is worn just like real pair glasses, it has a very innovative and sleek look while being supposedly very durable. There are a variety of tasks this small device can preform some being:

– Record and take pictures with just a wink of an eye.

– Translates your voice into any other language

– Give you notifications/information on directions, reminders of appointments, time estimates when traveling

– Video Conference

– Option of sharing videos and pictures with others (Social Media, Phone, Tablets, etc)

– Send messages vocally that can also transform into text.


Google glasses revealed that Michael DiGiovanni, an infamous developer, created a program that allows users to take a picturewith just the wink of an eye! With Google Glasses’ design it’s easy to wear, use and style making it easy to believe that this is going to be a success! They’ve estimated that the product is probably going to have a price range within 1,200$ – 1,550$.

Of course, with great convenience comes great scepticism. Google Glasses was reportedly banned from the UK while driving as it is seen as an invasion of privacy. Also, Google glasses will be banned from general public areas such as the Casino, Caesars Palace and other places. Google stated on June 1, 2013: “We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material” You can find more about the sex apps that might appear here: Google Glasses Porn App.

The future outcome of Google Glasses future seems promising however, is it the device a bit too limited or simple? Is the price too high? What are your opinions on the product?  How and/or would you use it in your business?

Katie Raspberry

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An Artistic Start-Up

While exploring the start-up fund raiser Kickstarter , I came across an extremely interesting  and unusual start up. I have many friends who have studied art but have decided not to pursue it directly. Being that of an intelligent choice; we wonder why – People say how there is no future in someone with the artistic background; in terms of making any kind of money on art alone. This assumption was concluded by people who failed due to the mass amount of artists in the world. When there’s a lot of competition with a generally low demand –  it’s much harder to gather clients. However, competition is never an ending point – it can always be beaten.

After saying that, you can understand why I admire this start-up. They’ve managed to use their artistic skills to raise more than 5.7 times their goal- the total they raised was $105,463.00. They’re trying to create a book with many different artists’ work on display. Check out the project TOME you will be just as flabbergasted with how much success they have obtained….

Here are a few of their pieces:

Business start up - Artistic start-up

They’ve managed to fund raise all of this through the website Kickstarter. Where so many people were willing to give them almost 6x their asking! It was truly incredible!

If you’re looking to do fund raising for your start up or even your small – medium sized business then Kickstarter is the place to go!  Let me know how this post helped you and what else you would like to know!

Thanks for reading!

Katie Raspberry

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Create & Design Your Business Imagine

                Based on my experience in starting a new born company – I’d say building its image is the most difficult parts. It’s a drag; especially if you’re not creative or don’t have an ounce of inspiration!  When starting a business your mind and thoughts seem to be all over the place; which is why companies usually fail or spend loads of money on free-lance services(which is fine – but know what you’re paying for!). You need to focus on prioritizing business tasks and needs. Without a company imagine your business will come off as ‘’unprofessional’’ of course it depends on the type of business you have and if your services are cheap or not – but you get my point. Here is how to create & design your imagine:


Every field in business has certain colors that identify the industry. For example: Lawyers would use a RED color or GREEN depending on who the lawyer is defending. Colors play with moods and impressions. They help a client comprehend what your business is trying to present. This is a very important factor when it comes down to branding. Do your research find out what you’re competitors are doing. For more information on colors follow this link:


When creating a logo MAKE SURE IT’S ORINIGAL! Seriously, because if it isn’t there will be people with similar logos and you’ll look like a cheap copy. Pick an image NOT a symbol. Try to avoid using two letters to create your logo because there will be many of those in this world and yours won’t be any different. If you want to choose an abbreviation as a company name or logo make sure it’s 3 letters and up. Once you’ve come up with a concept make sure you’re certain it’s complete. Once it’s created it’ll be a tough job changing it especially after marketing and press releases.

Marketing Material:

Next step is taking everything you’ve developed and putting it into content and the perfect layout. This is where it gets tricky for entrepreneurs because a lot of testing goes into successful marketing material and marketing strategies. You’ll to create flyers, e-mail new letters or promotions, posters, blogs, websites etc and they’ll all be based on certain aspects including your logo and marketing colors.

So those are the basics from my point of view! I really hope this post has helped you and please let me know how this blog post helped you!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Katie Raspberry

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How to Get Traffic

Blogging Part 2

Want to learn how to get more traffic? In the last few blogs I did Creating Money Online and Small Business concept/Ideas I spoke about many ways to make money –  one of them being your actual blog. Many people asked me how? How are others actually capable of making a solid and decent living off blogging. In order to be able to make any kind of money from blogging you’ll need to have readers. Weather you have a massive amount of subscribers or top Google ranking. You just need a high volume of readers to make a decent amount of moula. So let’s discuss:

How to Get Subscribers:

 1. Finding the right topic to Blog about!

When blogging you need to figure out what people are looking to read.  This is where your market research will kick in. You’ll need to pick a target and figure out what they like to read! You can find out in how to pick the right keyword in my next blog post about ‘’Choosing the Right Key Words’’ It’ll demonstrate how to use Google Keyword Tool.

2. Back Links(text links):

People think there’s some crazy formula to make a text link work… news flash: there is none. A back link is quite simple… It takes effect after perhaps 3-6months. What it does is place your blog higher and higher on Google’s pages it’s called ’’Google Ranking’’. Why is it important? Ex: Someone is looking for a nice restaurant to go to – they end up looking online; they type in ‘’Restaurants in Montreal’’ the top 10 most optimization websites with the most back links will pop up on Google’s front page. All you really need to do is copy your URL and start posting it to comments you make on blogs, in online directories, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, and any social media possible ex: Twitter, WordPress, Facebook Linkedin etc

3. Paid Advertising: (For fast results)

If you want fast results then pay Yahoo or Google for the Ads; or you can ask a super popular blog to place and ad on their blog. However, those can be pricey and risky. Monitor the results of the ads – you need to make sure your target is being reached and your getting the results you’re looking for. For example: I use Google Adwords – as a keyword I put ‘’Work’’ I had 91 clicks from just that keyword. Compared to all the rest it was the most successful (when counting clicks) however, I didn’t get that many subscribers (which was my goal) So I realized I could no long use this keyword because it was taking up a lot of money and giving me no results. Whereas ‘’Business Start-ups’’ was giving me everything I needed from comments to subscribers. I hope you get my drift.

4. Original Creative Content/Material:

As I said in my last post this is key because sometimes you can even become popular if you make something original. Take the Youtube celebrity Michael Pham; she started making vblogs on make-up tutorials and is probably making $1 for every 1000 views. One of her videos has 2 711 272 views… that’s $2711/week (she makes videos once a week) . She was one of the first people to create make-up tutorials; not only that her videos were so creative and appealing. She has almost 1 million fans on Facebook.  Think outside the box and be the first to do so; that’s how you’ll get popular.

Those are only a few ways to get loads of subscribers try searching other ways or even creating your own! You do however, need a lot of time or at least have a team of people who can help you get all of these done in a short amount of time for maximum results. Back links are the most difficult in terms of results vs. time.

Let me know how this blog helped you and what you would like to hear next!

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Katie Raspberry

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The Morning Business Talk with: Kathy Muhlhan

Kathy Muhlhan

Kathy.M is a new business owner, a mother and wife; she is currently developing a school called Stacey College in which offers a various amount of small courses. Her biggest drive is to succeed which will in return allow her to stay at home and spend time with her family. What keeps her going is hope and her overpowering desire not to fail. The things that help her stay focused and motivated is nature, internet and her family.


Kathy Muhlhan, The Director of Stacey College, Age 35,  is


These are People &


that motivate & inspire Her.

Her business advice:

  • Design a business that makes everyone win.
  • Keep fit – helps with stress, decision making, and happiness
  •  Keep your priorities in order.

Her Business Goals are:

  • Become profitable
  • Get the business running without me so I can focus on dreaming, new opportunities, and growth.
  • -Build college opportunities in countries where development is low.
  • Develop a non-profit arm, supported by the profit arm.

Check her Blog/ Website at:

Course Start July 31st 2012 !!

If Interested in being the next Morning Business Talk follow the Business Show & Tell instructions and send the form to

Thank you for reading and enjoy the weekend!


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Small Business Concepts/Ideas

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine who has wondered what the next step in her life is.  She is 22, earns about $40 000 a year, drop dead gorgeous and yet something is missing. She loves her job but wonders if it’s for her. She thinks it lacks room for achieving current career goals she has set for herself. I told her keep your job if you love it; and then create a very small business. She responded she didn’t know what she would be good in so I told her not to worry I’ll help her out. Here are a few things you can do to enhance your professional life:

There are so many businesses you can start that can also be a hobby and that are not too demanding on your time. You can even use some of these to replace the work you have now if you’re not entirely happy where you are. Here we go:

1.The first thing you need to do is decide what your true hobbies are such as my friend, she loves to do story telling. So I suggested starting writing a blog. There are people in this world who make a lot of money just from having a blog. They use their blog as an advertisement tool. If you see a blog with a brand name advertising on the side; that company is paying for it, or the writer just really likes them. Either way, you can make a descent $300 off a blog that gets 300 views a day, and that isn’t a hard goal to make. John Chow earns $300 000 a year for spending 2 hours a day rambling about nothing. He got famous because he was apparently the go to blog if you wanted to learn about making money off of social media. Pretty cool hmm?

If you think blogging will take up too much time then perhaps opening a small e-commerce website! My sister is currently running one. Check out her website to get a better idea and understanding at she also maintains a blog to increase her SEO she has hired an assistant to help her with the work while also attending school as well as working for a website company doing web development from home. She works perhaps 3-4hours a week on her business which is nice & relaxing while bringing in an extra yearly income of $7200.

2.Take that hobby and find out if you have enough knowledge to pursuit it. For example, my friend Tassia, does she have the right grammar and an extended vocabulary to write and appeal to readers? Does she know how blogs work? Does she know what to write about? She would need to research  and read many blogs then decided if she should register for a night course in English at a Montreal university such as  Concordia:   OR she can teach herself. How? Over the internet! The internet as taught me so many things – there are so many professionals who blog about their work, why not take advance of the endless learning possibilities!

For the e-commerce find out what is required and learn what advantages come from being a business owner! For example: If your business is in your own name you DON’T need to register it. And if your business makes under $30 000 you DON’T need to charge taxes on your products!

Do enough research so that you can benefit. Also if you need my help in anything just send me an email and I’ll write a blog post about it

Start researching.

3.Figure out what you’ll do with your business if you’re going to blog, what are you going to blog about? How far do you want it to go? Will your

blog end up in a magazine? Will you send it to the newspapers? Are you planning on making a profit off blog?

For e-commences which product will you sell? How will you stand out from others? Who will you target be?  What will your sales goals be? What will the store’s personality be? How will you sell it?

Other great stay at home fields are:

  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Photography or film
  • Animator
  • Recruiting ( A friend of mine runs a website development company and he constantly gets contacts for animation and social media. He charges (let’s assume) $400/month and then hires a sub-contractor and pays them $200 a month. He just made a profit by doing nothing at all.
  • Marketing (in design)
  • Sculpting
  • Tax Return/Accounting

Start planning and good luck! Let me know how this blog helped you!


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Bizarre Facts about Mondays

Many people hate Mondays and think of them as the day all the hectic work begins once again. Here are a few bizarre things that are in reference to Mondays.

Brenda Spencer, Monday Serial Killer

Brendan Spencer, a 17 year old student who opened fire on passing children as they made their way to school. She managed to kill two men – the principle and janitor; who risked their lives trying to save the 8 wounded children she shot. She also wounded a police office. When she was asked why she did it she said ‘’ I hate Mondays they’re always so boring, this livens up the day.’’

Watch the videos below to see the moment of her arrest and what happened to her after years in prison.

Monday isn’t always the first day of the week?












To Jewish and some Christians, Sunday is the day the week begins with rather than Monday.

Monday is most depressing day of the week.

Many people see Monday as the day work begins again, which to some, is depressing. The majority of suicides happen on a Monday.

Monday is the most common day for heart attacks












Mondays are the day employees are most unproductive and/or skip work.

People at average get about 3 hours work done on Mondays. It is also the day that has the highest search rates. Not only that but it is the most common day for people to call in sick or ‘’sick’’; This usually occurs with middle aged people from 35-45 years old.









People do online shopping on Monday more than any other day

Stats show that people shop the most on Mondays probably because they didn’t head to work or because they’re not working at work. Also there is Cyber Monday which is the right after Black Friday. On this Monday, 33.6% of shoppers will shop online.. In 2010 shoppers spent over 1 billion dollars! It is one of the biggest online shopping days in the world!




Black Monday

Black Monday is the day reflecting numerous wars, disaster and tragedies a few being:

  • John Lennon murdered Monday 8th December 1980, Lennon was shot four times by gunman Mark Chapman outside his New York City apartment.
  • Black Monday. The stock market crash of 1987 was the largest one day stock market crash in history. The Dow Jones index lost 22.6% of its value or $500 billion dollars on Monday October 19th 1987.
  • The end of 1st World War (the Great War) Monday 11th November 1914.
    Approximately 20 million civilian and military personnel killed and an estimated 40 million casualties.
  • William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton) was born on 19 August 1946 in Hope, Arkansas.
  • Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States (1993 – 2001)
  • 18th April 1955 Albert Einstein died in hospital in Princeton, New Jersey, aged 76.
  • when a group of 500 recently arrived settlers from Bristol were massacred by warriors of the Gaelic O’Byrne clan
  • the largest one-day percentage decline in recorded stock market history.
  • when Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, one of America‘s largest regional steel-manufacturing firms, announced that it would shut down most of its operations in the vicinity of Youngstown, Ohio, placing 5,000 people out of work. This development presaged the collapse of that community’s industrial economy, from which it still hasn’t recovered (as of 2010).

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Mandatory Start-up Business Pointers

Starting a business is not an easy job. You need to make sure everything is in order and you  %100  prepared for your estimated client base. Lately quite a few people have asked me for advice on the subject so here is how I ready myself for when I was starting off:

Start-up Costs + Monthly Expenses

Start-up costs are normally a one-time cost the amount obviously depends on Imagewhether you are a service provider or a merchant will depend on how high your COGS (cost of goods) will be. Most service providers will have to buy start-up equipment and from there they will use it until it deprecates and needs replacing; since a merchant needs to restock on a regular basics. Calculating your total amount of expenses will help you calculate your total revenue and break-even point. Here is a link that will help you calculate your start-up costs:

Break-Even Point:

Your break-even point identifies when your company will begin making profit. There are companies who make profit in the first few months where others make profit after their second year. The break-even point tells you when you’re out of debt and solely making profit ex: Let’s say your first year (the start-up year) you invested into equipment or surviving off loans, and paying for your start-up essentials and liabilities; the company ends up with a total cost of $450 000 even though your revenue was $200 000 the total loss will be $250 000 with no profit. Normally businesses will experience a loss in the first year due to all the start-up costs. The break-even point will show your profit (not revenue) after subtracting all your expenses in the second year and losses in the first (which normally occurs after the second year since you’ve already made your start-up investments). Take a look at this example I drew out (pardon my horrendous writing):Image

Keep in mind not every company reaches their break-even point in the second year.  You need to do this calculation until you finally get a gain (seen in the second year). Once you’ve got your gain you can calculate the year you’ll have your break-even point.


You can also calculate the month in which you will make it in which you take the estimated monthly profit and divide 50 000 it by that number. You will get a number that will be between 1 to 12; you will have to match the number with the corresponding month.

Here is a link to help you calculate your break-even point:

  Planning For a Business

Everyone needs a plan for their business. You need to know what you’re doing, how you’re going to do it, who is going to want it, and where youroffice will be. Bad planning is one of the leading reasons why businesses tend to fail. There are so many resources that can help you plan your goals and priorities. Here’s yet another link that can aid you in this:


Things you need to have before launching:

These items will make your business look more appealing and will help create a higher volume of comprehension to your potential investors. Not only that but it helps toward everything in regards to starting a business. Making everything more clear and organized will help you grow faster and meet your business goals

Save Money Everywhere You Can!

As to whether you have the money or not you should always be looking for ways to save money. There are many ways to do this.

–          Start looking at barter companies that allow you exchange services with other companies you have exchange services and save thousands of dollars. A good company for that is bizXchange

–          Start partnering up with companies that will sell their merchandise cheaper ex: you’re an internet and phone provider so partner up with a phone manufacturer to get a cheaper COGS bill. A great social network for that is PartnerUp or BizAssit

–          Cloud computing is a super economical way to save on storage investments, filing, printing, organization, backup. A great company to go with for that is Kontego Networks Inc

–          Use Social Networks to get your name out there, Network online with other business owners and pitch your product in a genuine way(don’t be a sales person; be a contact). Use: Linkedin, Facebook, Biz Assist, PartnerUp, Youtube, Blogs etc.Image


By doing a bit of research you’ll be able to get a lot more information on free marketing and inexpensive ways to exchange. I will eventually blog about it as well. So perhaps subscribe and slowly learn at a reasonable pace.


Having your own business is truly an extraordinary change to one’s life style. You are the key decision maker; you are in charge of your success and your business’ success. As for next week’s blog post I’ll make a list of the things that will destroy your business and bring it all down to complete and utter ruins.

Let me know how this blog helped you!

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!



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