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5 of The Oldest Businesses On The Planet

The oldest businesses in the world are certainly businesses we should take after and learn from. The power of persistence and keen, educated business minds are very powerful tools that are essiential for business success. If you think a 100 year old business is fascinating just imagine a business that is over 1000 years old like the ones in our list. Here are 5 of The Oldest Businesses On The Planet:

  • Kongo Gumi – 578 AD


Kongo Gumi is a construction company over 1400 years old. They apparently survived for so long because of their busines flexiablity. They were remarkably capable of swiftly going with the current era’s devastations.

  • Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan -705 AD

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Oldest hotel in Japan and the world -nisiyama-onsen-keiunkan-

Is a hot spring hotel located in Hayakawa, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. It is one of the oldest operating businesses in the world and the oldest hotel. It’s been a family run business for 52 generations.

  • Sean’s Bar -900 AD

5630144956_8e77661703 seans-bar

Located in Athlone, Ireland. It is considered to be the oldest pub in Europe. It was originally known as “Luain’s Inn”.

  • Stiftskeller St. Peter – 803 AD

Stiftskeller St. Peter Stiftskeller St. Peter 3

Located in Salzbury, Austria sits Stiftskeller St. Peter which is considered to be  the oldest inn  within Central Europe. It is also cited to be one of the oldest restaurants in Europe.


Château de Goulaine – 1000 AD

Photo aerienne du chateau de Goulaine et des marais

In the Loire Valley located near Nantes, France sits a former castle called Château de Goulaine. The castle was home to the family of the marquis de Goulaine for over a thousand years. Now, it is the estate-bottled wine produced at chateau.

Do you have any other businesses to add to our list? If so leave them in the comments with their locations!
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source: wiki

6 Tips When Starting Your Youtube Business:

Another reader of mine requested that I write a blog about how to start a Youtube Channel that would eventually turn into a business and salary. Starting a Youtube ChannelStarting a Youtube Channel is an easy process if you’re not looking to make any profit. When looking to start a profitable youtube channel that will become a business of it’s own there are many precautions you will need to take to ensure your channel’s success so here are 5 Tips When Starting Your Youtube Business:

1. Figure Out A Solid Subject or Theme For Your Channel’s Content:
Choosing the topic and theme of your channel is an extremely critical and important decision that will effect your success. If you choose a topic that already has a bunch of you tubers who already cover that topic and do a good job at it, It is unlikely you will be more successful than them or have any success at all. Unless you find a creative way to beat your competition, find a topic and theme that isn’t like all the other channels and Youtubers. Here are a few things to check:

Your idea is profitable – Do your research and see if your idea will or can be profitable:
– see if people need informations on a particular topic
– see if there is a flaw in what your competition is doing. ex: A channel that offers great information but lack in the creative sector. You could come in and do both thus winning over the audience.
– Make sure you have an interest in your theme or topic so that you can keep up to date with everything effortlessly and create content with a passion and ambition.
– Make sure you are knowledgeable in the information you share.

2. Film with or within the right settings and backgrounds:

Believe it or not this can make the biggest difference when viewers are passing by your channel for the first time. Having a pleasant or professional looking background will influence your viewers in believing that you are a quality blogger/Youtuber. They will be more likely to watch your video and perhaps even subscribe!
Examples of great backgrounds:
– Michael Phan
– Majestic

3. Get to know your targeted audience:

Getting the demographics of your audience is an extremely important thing. You need to understand your demographics interests and wants so that you can create content with the right reading materials, tone and creativity. Here are a few demographics to follow:
– Age -Gender -Hobby/interests – Cultures/Nationalities – Geographics -Personal Experiences

4. Make a few videos before marketing:

I cannot count how many times any in dependent, self employed individual makes this mistake. You need to have content before you start marketing your channel, product, service and general business. As a Youtuber, you should make the VERY MINIMUM five(5) videos before you begin promoting your channel.

5. Create a Facebook Fanpage:

Katie Raspberry
Create a Facebook Fanpage so that your watchers have another account to watch you on. Be sure to add a personal touch to this Facebook page by showing off your personality and showing a bit more of your personal life/projects. For example if you’re blogging about beauty create a video of you going to get your nails/hair done. If you blog about information on the environment create something revolving around your personal projects that involve saving the environment. People love seeing new content about their favourite subscriptions on their Facebook time feed – so get creative!

6.Get in contact with other Youtubers and Channels:

Other than a Facebook Fanpage another great way to get more subscribers is to go to other Youtubers who are doing the same thing as you and ask them to check out your channel. Make sure to write them a personal message or even take a business approach and ask if they would be interested in exchanging promotional services.

I hope this helps you with the basics of starting a small Youtube Channel. Although the process seems quite simple it is time consuming and will become challenging to manage but in exchange you will have a fun and fulling job that will always have new projects awaiting to be developed.

Please let me know if you have any subjects you would like me to write about! Thank you Sarah for the blog request.

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5 Ways to Promote Your Business and Brand

  1. Start a Blog:

Many businesses owners say their blog is one of their most important assets. Depending on your gender of business your blog can be your primary lead generator if given the right touch of creativity. Some examples are:


promote your business

Lufa Farm is a Montreal based greenhouse. It is the first commercial rooftop green house that is ecologically and economically sustainable model for urban farming. They support local businesses that share the same green concepts as them which is green and urban foods.

In their blog they usually talk about other green stores, products and affairs that their buyers generally take great interest in. A lot of research is done in order to really find content that fits their readers  interests and get them to share the content. At the same time, they build relationships through creating this content with not just their readers but with the other businesses they support. As long as the content is creative people will fall in love with the brand and become loyal followers and sometimes buyers.

 Services:LIDERMarketing LIDER Marketing is a Montreal based Full-Service Marketing boutique that runs their blog quite differently than other marketing businesses. Most of them blog about their latest marketing projects and mostly about themselves and their updates whereas LIDER Marketing takes affairs to another level by blogging about small businesses who have unique concepts, Free Marketing Tips, Business Advice is a , and more.  Because they work with small businesses they created a small business community would really help build their network and help them prosper. Learn more about their project here: Business Advice “>Business Advice Sustainable entrepreneur

  • Create social media accounts that are relevant to your brand:

Facebook page likesMost businesses have their business social media accounts like Facebook Fan page, Twitter accounts tailored to their business’s feed. But why not create seperate social media accounts focusing on topics/images related to your brand or products? For example: A pet store creating an Instagram page with cute and funny animals or stories, or rustic furniture store creating a blog about how create rustic pieces and designs.The reason for starting a social media project such as this one is to attract your target market without them knowing you’re trying to attract them. And with time you can post about your own business perhaps once a month. It’s a great way to create backlinks. Back links will be created when your content or photos are shared and your website link is in the caption box.

Win an Award

Promote your businessWhen businesses win or even get nominated for an award they gain quite a bit of exposure. They also appear to be more accredited in comparison to the other businesses that did not win an award (even though it isn’t at all a reliable source to trust, considering they mostly consist of votes only – not stats or accurate business comparisons).

Exchange Promotional Services:

 promte your businessExchanging services is a great way to really promote your business. An exchange of service could be anything from placing each other’s logos or websites on each website or doing free materials or services for in exchange for some credits or promotions, examples:Videographers sometimes do celebrity music videos for credits at the beginning of the video. Sometimes music videos, movies and etc are sponsored and paid for by phone companies, alcohol companies and etc. In exchange their product or logo appears in the video/movie. Another example would be RBC + Apple: Apple supplies reduced costs for ipad to RBC and RBC promotes free ipad. Everyone wants an ipad, free or not so all existing member will not be able to get a free one but will want one after trying to get one for free and will eventually think about buying one- In which some do end up purchasing it – a good example of that is myself..Doing services like creating a flyer or going on a talk show to talk about cooking receipts, how to decorate your home, how to save money, etc  all for free in exchange for a mentioning your business and services/profession.

Do something helpful or heart warming with no expectation of getting anything back:

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

We’ve all seen this method of marketing, some people are touched and others might be disgusted. When people first started promoting their brands through filming a positive stories filled with heart-felt emotional things it was really effective. Some example would be the ‘’Dove’’ commercial and how they told women who thought they were ugly that they were in fact beautiful or the Indian prankster who helped a homeless man get off the street, get a job, and rent his own apartment. Many people shared these videos thus creating back links, they also made them go viral.Dove Advertisement: man is given $1000: man gets an apartment and starts new life:, there was a lot of controversy and debate about how this businesses or celebrities are using social issues, such as those in these videos, for promotional alone and they and it through some people off :  I hope you enjoyed my 5 tips on promoting your business for particularly free!

Start-up Motivation & Inspiration

Business owners only make up for about %6 of the entire human population with just over 400 million entrepreneurs. However, there are so many people who do have the right mind set and personality for entrepreneurship. Many of these people also know how to achieve success in a business as well as the perks of owning a business. The main concern is losing their day time job and steady income.


I’ve decided to share a job campaign in which the advertisements show people in jobs that appear to be not very exhilarating. The advertisement is encouraging individuals who desire to get out of jobs that they find meaningless and exhausting. The ads below attempt to give these targeted individuals the confidence and inspiration they may need to start focusing and planning a business or career change that will allow them to strive in life while feeling fulfillment and happiness in a new career path..


Start A Business Start A Business Start A Business Start A Business Start A Business Start A Business Start A Business Start A Business

LIDER Marketing is launching Project.11 which a project designed to help inspire as well as help entrepreneurs and start-ups in their business ventures. Project.11 offers a number of workshops, conferences, networking events will be hosted to help entrepreneurs find their way and get on the right path of success. To learn more follow the Katie Raspberry Business Blog.

 Thanks for reading!

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Original Steam Punk Cafe in Cape Town South Africa

Truth Coffee

Small Business

I recently discovered this fantastic Cafe call Truth.Coffee. The idea was  developed and run by Jose Vilandy, David Donde and Richard Kellond. Together they created a steam punk cafe that also manufactures quality coffee beans and offer services in training to brew the coffee.


What caught my eye about this Cafe is that the theme is steam punk:P I honestly have never seen anything like this. In Canada or America this would be a really big hit! Here are some photos of their business location and design:

77D0CAACDDC66ED94E4D8CB011F9E8_h498_w598_m2 awesome-steampunk-interior-design-at-truth-cafe-in-south-africa-bored-panda-google-chrome-1072013-73709-am Cafe Design Ideas download (1) download Great Cafe Design Small Business Small Cafe Steak punk business Steak Punk Cafe Business steam-1 steampunk-02 steampunk-06 steampunk-coffee-house-in-cape-town-south-africa-truth-7 steampunklead steampunk-truth-coffee-shop-cape-town-6
















For more information on the Truth.Coffee business visit their website at:


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Start Your Business & Be Your Own

Start a Business

Many have noticed rising problems developing within our society and I particularly notice a number in on our economy. Our economy is being run by wealthiest and most impersonal corporations. Many see this as  a large problem considering these corporations are driven mostly by what will bring them back a solid ROI and by ROI their sole interest always ends up being money. Many of them are unaware or lack the required knowledge of what our other systems need in order for them to continue functioning properly for example: social economy, nature & earth, population growth, and etc.

The general population works for money and generally do not work in industries that connect to their passions. Originality is slowly becoming more and more commercialized and scarce. The average working class person need to stop being employed by large corporations and companies and start employing themselves. In many cases, employees are like toothbrushes to corporations; They use them until they’re worn out or not reaching expectations anymore. By opening up your eyes you will be capable of employing yourself. If you do, you will be contributing to a stronger and more powerful community/state or province/ country. Freedom lies within making decisions and building your schedules, plans, and image not to mention your sales will also be 100% your own and not only %2 – %20. In many cases, owning your own business is a much more secure future and a prosperous investment.  It is generally a much wiser contribution to your family’s future. It is definitely more brilliant than the a few thousand dollars your employer gave you tucked away in a savings account.

Having a large social circle and network has given me insight into people who are investing so much of their time into their boss’s dreams while hardly making enough time for their own aspirations . It’s all for money and a falsely ”earned” security. They are dependant on money and their consumer lifestyles they’ve lived for years; My theory is they believe all  things money can buy will bring them happiness which many of you have already realized isn’t true. When opening your mind to the endless possibilities you will realize that when starting a business you can build an empire out of anything and on any budget, as long as you do it properly. It is something that is much more fulfilling than spending a pay check on a brand name item, designer dress, trip to France or a new and expensive Ferrari – trying to fill in a hole of missed opportunities and sadness.

When you think about it your boss is earning all the real glory, happiness, security and money. By investing a little more time and effort into your work you could be your boss and get paid the right number for your work not to meant receive the proper amount of recognition you should be getting for giving your clients (not your boss’s clients ) the outstanding results they asked for.

When lacking certain skills to start a business seek associations. For example, if you are not good with sales – find a sales rep who is interested in selling your product(s) or service(s) or helping you generate leads or find an associate who could use your services in exchange for leads. Find ways to move you, your business, and your investment forward.

Leave your comments below and I will create a video discussing this topic and your responses and we can begin a conversation or debate on our opinions of theories.

Katie Sinare

 Thanks for reading! I adore and appreciate each one of you!

Lots of Love

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Effects of Perception: Black and White Doll Experiment by Dr. Kenneth Clark


A survey conducted by Dr. Kenneth Clark used african american/ black children to pick between white and brown/black doll, and asked them which one they preferred to as the prettier doll. 63% of them chose the white doll. That was back in 1939 where results have changed since. At the end of the video the final question was ” Which doll looks more like you?” in which 63% of the black children would have to pick the doll they called ”bad or ugly” which caused them to become upset knowing they looked more like the brown/black doll that they said wasn’t good or the best doll.

I believe the core reason that these children want to be white or believe the white doll is better is because of majorities or powerful position. At the point of time this experiment was done there weren’t many African American/Black people in power or being advertised positively. Or perhaps the children went to school where the majority of the children and teachers were white. In 2009, after Obama was elected 53% of the black children said the black doll was the pretty one.

See a modern version of this video here and share your thoughts on why or how these children have come to believe that white people are better than them (the ending is extremely sad):

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Google Glass – What Do They Do?


Google Glasses is the latest revolution of technology, while once again making reach and information much more accessible. What does Google Glasses do exactly?

Google Glasses is a device that is worn just like real pair glasses, it has a very innovative and sleek look while being supposedly very durable. There are a variety of tasks this small device can preform some being:

– Record and take pictures with just a wink of an eye.

– Translates your voice into any other language

– Give you notifications/information on directions, reminders of appointments, time estimates when traveling

– Video Conference

– Option of sharing videos and pictures with others (Social Media, Phone, Tablets, etc)

– Send messages vocally that can also transform into text.


Google glasses revealed that Michael DiGiovanni, an infamous developer, created a program that allows users to take a picturewith just the wink of an eye! With Google Glasses’ design it’s easy to wear, use and style making it easy to believe that this is going to be a success! They’ve estimated that the product is probably going to have a price range within 1,200$ – 1,550$.

Of course, with great convenience comes great scepticism. Google Glasses was reportedly banned from the UK while driving as it is seen as an invasion of privacy. Also, Google glasses will be banned from general public areas such as the Casino, Caesars Palace and other places. Google stated on June 1, 2013: “We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material” You can find more about the sex apps that might appear here: Google Glasses Porn App.

The future outcome of Google Glasses future seems promising however, is it the device a bit too limited or simple? Is the price too high? What are your opinions on the product?  How and/or would you use it in your business?

Katie Raspberry

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Choosing the Right Office Space

Many of you new business owners or starting blogger are starting to find work at home quite unproductive. Now is the time choosing your very own office space, and pick the office that is 100%perfect for you! Many of you think it’s easy and ”fun” –  it’s not; especially if you’re as picky as me. Here are a few tips to look for when office hunting:

Tip one: Look out for location


Naturally – I look for offices by searching the web. By doing so you’ll have access to all kinds of photos before actually visiting the office; which is convenient. Just make sure you don’t fall in love with an office that is 45 minutes away. Or a location that is bad for your market or target. It’s happened where I booked the appointment and traveled an hour to get there. It’s a drag and a waste of time – you’ll always find something better or similar but closer.





Tip Two: Ask What Is Included

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve seen CLOSED offices for $150-$300; flabbergasted I immediately booked an appointment to see it. Once there I discovered the insurance, taxes, heating, electricity, security, internet and phone,parking was NOT included which brings everything back up to $500-$700 . Some rentals are sneaking -ask before you visit to save yourself sometime.



Tip Three: Think of the future

When renting an office space for minimum 1 year be sure your office has enough space

for future(planned) employees. In my first year I knew I had to hire a Graphic Designer so I made sure when renting the space I had enough space for them to work as well as my partner. I also planned for a studio area.


Tip Four: Is there Recycling?


To all you Green Beans, there are LOADS of cheap buildings who DON’T have recycling systems –

make sure to ask them before visiting if it’s important to you. If you have a car you could always take your recycling home.




Tip Five: Save by Sharing:



If your office rental budget is $150-$400 why not share? There are many gorgeous office out there to share. You’ll have just as much space in a private office and it’ll make you look like you have a bigger business when bringing clients in.





I hope these tips help you out. If they do let me know how in the comments below!  Also Do me a favor and let me know of any topics you would like to read about!

An Artistic Start-Up

While exploring the start-up fund raiser Kickstarter , I came across an extremely interesting  and unusual start up. I have many friends who have studied art but have decided not to pursue it directly. Being that of an intelligent choice; we wonder why – People say how there is no future in someone with the artistic background; in terms of making any kind of money on art alone. This assumption was concluded by people who failed due to the mass amount of artists in the world. When there’s a lot of competition with a generally low demand –  it’s much harder to gather clients. However, competition is never an ending point – it can always be beaten.

After saying that, you can understand why I admire this start-up. They’ve managed to use their artistic skills to raise more than 5.7 times their goal- the total they raised was $105,463.00. They’re trying to create a book with many different artists’ work on display. Check out the project TOME you will be just as flabbergasted with how much success they have obtained….

Here are a few of their pieces:

Business start up - Artistic start-up

They’ve managed to fund raise all of this through the website Kickstarter. Where so many people were willing to give them almost 6x their asking! It was truly incredible!

If you’re looking to do fund raising for your start up or even your small – medium sized business then Kickstarter is the place to go!  Let me know how this post helped you and what else you would like to know!

Thanks for reading!

Katie Raspberry

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