Great & Affordable Christmas Gift For Your Business Clients

It’s that time of year! Each year fellow entrepreneurs such as ourselves spread the christmas spirt by  showing our clients how much we appreciate them for their business. When choosing your method of appreciation we all know which is the most effective. So, before sending out your solo christmas card take a look at this gift you or your assistant can put together alone. This gift can cost anywhere between $5-$25 depending on what you put in it.


Step 1: Purchase a stylish cup, bowl or mini basket



2. Place your biggest items inside the container



3. Stuff the bottom with wrapping paper (any colour you wish)


It should then look like this:



4. Place smaller items you have on top of the wrapping and be sure they are displayed nicely.



5. Purchase a smaller items that are a bit more fancy and decorative than the other smaller items.


And place them on top of everything else for display. Your finished bowl should look presentable.


6. Purchase some see through wrapping paper and place you bowl in the centre of a measured piece.


7. Purchase some transparent wire and cut a small piece off. Also cut your measured piece of transparent paper. 


8. Pull the wrapping together as if holding a garbage bag and tie the top together with transparent wire.


9. Purchase a nice ribbon that goes with your wrapper paper. In my case I’ve chosen white. Then cut your ribbon at a very generous length. 


10. Tie a the ribbon into a little bow.



11. Purchase some Christmas gift tags


Don’t forget to write who the gift is from



12. Take a second look. This is how your wonderful and affordable gift should look like. 



Thank you reading. I hope this gift idea helps our entrepreneurs looking to give their clients, associates and employees a little something for all the positivity they brought to your business. Wishing you all happy holidays! Share with us any other ideas you have done in the past for affordable business gifts!


Sponsored by :Lider Marketing & The Sustainable Entrepreneur (TSE) Project


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