Local Quebec Business: Forest Lumina

My business and I took our camera to Forest Lumina to show the world what they are all about. Forest Lumina was a truly magical experiences and would make an excellent adventure for anyone traveling.

Tickets are only $16.75 and they also have a campground call Parc St-George Campground which is $38 a night. This price gives you access to their hiking trails and their bike trails. They also offer bike rentals and horseback riding on the campgrounds. For more information view the link below:


I hope you enjoy this video and don’t forget to explore your local communities and support all of your local small businesses!

Sponsored by :Lider Marketing & The Sustainable Entrepreneur (TSE) Project


2 thoughts on “Local Quebec Business: Forest Lumina”

  1. What is a success?

    To big banks and insurance companies, being successful means draining the life out of your customers. Many are only customers because they do not know any better or do not know of an alternative. In this business model, only the shareholders win while everyone suffers.

    Then there is a business model of doing good. Everyone wins! People are happy and are proud to be associated with the business.

    I was thinking to when I first came across your blog. It was in its early stages and as you have found growth; you have created an environment of helping others.

    Your philosophy will bring you real success.

    Have a great weekend!

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