5 Steps to Starting Your First Business Blog

Starting a blog for your business or for professional use can be a daunting task. There is a lot of research that is involved inbuilding a successful blog and there are many resources I can share to make your begin slightly easier. A reader asked me how I began my business blog and which resources I needed to get started. Here are my five tips I would like to share with those looking to start a business blog:

Design something superb:

Starting your blog
This may seem obvious but something that will drag in followers and readers more effectively is the design and personality of your blog. Your design will help you stand out from all the other bloggers and target the exact market you’re looking to grab. Be strategic and know your target market inside and out so that you can create a strategic design that caters and appeals to that specific target.

Getting More Followers:
After you’ve created relevant content you will need to find spots to share to the target market you’re looking for. Fortunately for bloggers there are a number of resources such as websites, blogs and forums you can use to get your articles and blogs out there. Sharing your blog will help you gain the followers you need to get more sales for your business. A great way to reach out to your target market is to:

  • Share all of your content on social media’s such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and etc.

Facebook Marketing

  • Comment and read other starter blogs and introduce yourself. Build relationships with other bloggers and you be sure to attract some followers.
  • Comment on very popular blogs with very intelligent and well thought out comments. Make sure your company blog or website is attached in your user link. I cannot count the times I’m been lead to another blog due to this technique and become a follower to another blog.

Guest posting is an extremely awesome way to get followers and awareness. Create an article that caters to their audience and be sure to choose a blog that is popular like MTLBlog. This will give you massive exposure (depending on the blogs popularity) and will also help you increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For more details on resources that will help you build your blog’s audience please see LIDER Marketing’s blog on Great Ways to Promote Your Blog and Build an Audience. (Post date: July 27th)

Engage with your commenter
Anyone who took the time to write a comment is looking for engagement or credit – give it to them. Engage with your commenter and they may just start following your blog and sharing your content.

Find associates:

Starting your business blog

Your blog will grow a lot faster if you grow with the right associates. You connect with associates for many different reasons and in many different ways.


  • Indirect companies to share your blog or product to their clients or target market ( you both exchange banners).
  • Content contributors – Find individuals to create content on their blogs that involve your blog.
  • Networking & business opportunities


  • Relevant networking event
  • Reaching out to potential associates through social media accounts
  • Contacting individuals you know through your personal life or work life
  • Advertise to individuals who just want exposure and will help generate content in exchange for credit.

Find guest bloggers to contribute to your blog:

Starting your busines blog

There are a number of people just like you looking to get their start-up or new career off the ground. Seek these people out where ever you see them and offer them a chance to guest blog for you. Most people know the importance of guest blogging because guest blogging is a great way of gaining exposure. Not only will it give you exposure but it will also help you optimize your blog or website for search engines which is what we call increasing you SEO. Learn more about SEO through our article : 5 Search Engine Optimization SEO Facts and Tips

I’d like to think Julia for this blog topic and I am wishing her a healthy start with her new business blog. For anyone else looking for advice for their business ventures please feel free to email me an email or write a comment.

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