Learning: Woman’s Business Attire


How to dress in business to impress clients and customers. 

Business woman puts her feet up on her desk on the phone

As a professional, appearance and first impressions are critical. As a woman, the issue of presentation and dress are far more complex. How people see women in business is thus doubly important, and choosing the best method to make a positive impression is far more difficult. We would like to offer some guidance when shaping your business wardrobe.


Knowing Where to Draw the Line

There is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate business attire, and it is essential to understand these boundaries. Self respect is more valuable than attention, and being honest with yourself about how you present yourself is the first step. If you are questioning whether your skirt is too short, or your shirt is too sheer, it is worth reexamining your outfit and questioning whether or not it is appropriate.

Hair and Makeup

Resist over-applying makeup and using dramatic shades on the eyes and cheeks. Office cosmetics should be extremely simple, light and neat. Here are some straightforward suggestions and errors to avoid:

The Do’s:

Business Make upBusiness-Makeup_Abusiness-woman-make-upjpg

The Don’t ‘s:

Business Make upOctober-2010-Celebrating-her-30th-Birthday-Tao-Nightclub-Las-Vegasembarrasing-pictures-eyebrowa


in our opinion, business attire is ideally sophisticated, classy and serious, and we should aspire to have every outfit achieve all three criteria. Women’s professional attire is fortunately not limited to suits exclusively. When assembling your outfit, take care in coordinating colors, covering the appropriate amount of cleavage, and ensuring hem lines do not pass your fingertips when placing your arms at your sides (refer to photo for example). Do not wear clothes that are too tight to the point that they are ill-fitting. Be sure that you are comfortable and confident, and this includes your shoes. Shoes should not be painful or a distraction, simplicity and sensibility will gain you more respect than extreme or worn-out shoes. Here are a few suggests and errors to avoid:

The Do’s:

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The Don’t ‘s:

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Always be sure your nails are groomed or neat. For everyday tasks, it’s not necessary for them to be painted, but they should be consistently tidy. If you wish to have your nails painted for important meetings, we recommend a simple look, such as a french manicure or a neutral or red. Do not wear exaggerated nail art, this does not lend itself well to a serious and organized appearance. A few examples are as followed:

The Do’s:

nails-05           via-allure-magazine-The-Estée-Lauder-nail-color-at-dereklam-on-some-seriously-nice-nails-nyfw

The Don’t ‘s:

bildschirmfoto-2012-12-19-um-12-11-46           tumblr_lqqa7pvfJW1qe7jqto1_1280

First impressions are especially important in business. If you are not highly concerned with your appearance, you may want to reconsider, because rest assured, other people will be drawing conclusions often based on nothing more. Maintaining a self-assured and elegant appearance is well worth the effort when conducting business, and we hope this article has helped you towards this. Please contact us if you have questions or need suggestions.

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  1. I always thought classy business woman when they sported leopard print nails! Well, as long as they had a classy purple and red streaked weave to go along with them! LOL!

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