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A few words of inspiration to anyone working hard to build their dreams:


Time to wake up and acknowledge life.

Remembering that time is continuing without you and that that alone should inspire you to continue dreaming and aspirating. Always remember your most positive and negative experiences, they are the most impactful and influential. Wisdom comes from deep experiences and confirmed thoughts – you’ll always be tempted to forget them but don’t. Those experiences and thoughts are valuable, they help us realize that our own reality is truly at our own finger tips and no one else is at fault or even contributing to that reality or any life expectations. We make everything we want to happen happen, we understand many things but only invest, admire and care about preferences as well as beliefs. We can willingly make every action count and every memory last, and we can taste as much freedom and happiness as we desire. The road that is simpler and less challenging will simultaneously cause you to continuously seek satisfaction instead of happiness. Satisfaction does not last.

Time to cast away society’s promises, boundaries and confusing illogical patterns. What’s worse than being broken is being broken and also doing nothing about it. Don’t waste time lingering, wasted time will never be given back to you, wasted time will haunt you, wasted time will deprive you of the things you wanted, adventures and often times the happiness of you and those around you. Always work towards something you’re passionate about, let only the most passionate people into your life, keep the people who make you who you are close. Never throw away something you believe in when it becomes too challenging because it will always have the same value that you saw in it right from the beginning, if not more.

Go for the most positive opportunities that will grow you and make you happy. Life can be disgustingly ugly but I believe it will only happen to those who feared it would. There are no real promises, there are no real certainties or boundaries there is only a reality and that can always be directed. Understand the possibilities and you’ll never fall hard. Be grateful, be keen, be genuine, and be happy.

Don’t follow the average mind and don’t follow society and it’s ever changing trends; build your own reality while following your own mind and rules.




Thanks for reading!

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