5 Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) facts and tips :

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most profitable and cost-efficient methods to invest a small business marketing budget. You gradually gain a large amount of exposure through increasing your overall Search engine optimization (SEO) in a relevantly short amount of time and a very small price (especially if you do it on your own). For those looking to build their SEO up on there own here are a few tips I recommend you follow:

The term”Ranking” is actually an award for your marketing efforts:


Your SEO ranking score is calculated by the amount of quality content you produce, how shared your content is, if you communicate and engage with your readers or users and if your brand is a trusted brand.

There’s a big difference between Organic SEO and Non-Organic SEO:

organic SEO Montreal

Non-Organic traffic is paid traffic also known as advertisements. Advertisements direct traffic to your website through the ads you’ve place, the traffic is generated when a browser clicks on the ad.

Organic traffic is created by building your SEO either on your own or with an SEO specialist. By learning how to do it on your own, you will be saving a ton of money. Be cautious when doing SEO on your own, you will need to put in a very large amount of time as well as making sure to keep yourself up to date with all the changes in the google algorithm and continuously making sure you’re doing everything right.

Or you can save yourself the hassle and hire an SEO specialist or for faster ROI stick to using non-organic methods such as  advertising. My recommendation is hiring a specialist so you do not waste time and money. A great business for that is LIDER Marketing.

Use anchor links AS MUCH AS YOU CAN:
Try to include as many links to your site while using your strongest keyword phrases. A great way of doing this is through anchor links. For example, if your target is searching Montreal Internet Marketing then link to “Montreal Internet Marketing” instead of a “Click here” link. The code for creating an anchor link is as followed:

anchor code

anchor link

And once you publish switch from HTML platform to visual platform you should see something similar to this:

“Montreal Internet Marketing”

Do not use Flash:

Flash Website
Search Engine’s spiders do not crawl Flash and they tend to avoid Flash-based websites. Having Flash on your website will decrease your Search engine optimization (SEO) and your potential to reach a top SEO score. Needless to say, I have seen top ranking websites that were Flash-based websites, their SEO was great in every other aspect but that is a very rare find.

Using Images effectively (Optimized Images):
If you want to use an image on your site make sure the the text is placed on the image through HTML it you want to place content on the image. The reason being, SE’s spiders only read the image’s title/label, they do not read anything you’ve pasted on an image example:



Search Engine Optimization is so important for businesses anywhere in the world – take full advantage of the digital world. I hope these SEO tips come in handy for you and your business!

Thanks for reading!

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