Original Steam Punk Cafe in Cape Town South Africa

Truth Coffee

Small Business

I recently discovered this fantastic Cafe call Truth.Coffee. The idea was  developed and run by Jose Vilandy, David Donde and Richard Kellond. Together they created a steam punk cafe that also manufactures quality coffee beans and offer services in training to brew the coffee.


What caught my eye about this Cafe is that the theme is steam punk:P I honestly have never seen anything like this. In Canada or America this would be a really big hit! Here are some photos of their business location and design:

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For more information on the Truth.Coffee business visit their website at: www.truthcoffee.com


 Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Original Steam Punk Cafe in Cape Town South Africa”

  1. This is a pretty interesting concept. I like your idea about checking around other countries for ideas. My friends and I loved Karaokee Rooms which are popular in Japan but not here. The furthest I have seen one is in Hawaii which is like a mini-Japan.

    I also thought of 2 places I lived here in Orlando waaaaaaaaaay back in the ages. Of course we had the clubs that were glitzy and had VIP areas. Every city has this. We had three places with the same owners that operated seperately in a row. The first was a bar that had pool tables and was nice but not over the top. The middle was a coffee shop with cheese cake that stayed open late for the people leaving the clubs. It was really big but simple. The last was this place that had odd and ends couches and recliners and was divided up. It had a bar and it was kind of dark. And it had a juke box. It was kind of the escape where you could meet with people and actually just do something crazy these days. That is you could just talk and relax.

    I loved it!

    Take care and the new layout of your site looks great!

    1. Oh gosh, I love those stores that are open very late for midnight snack, makes life just a tad bit more fabulous than it already is.

      I’m glad you enjoy the post Steve!

      Talk soon!

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