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Start a Business

Many have noticed rising problems developing within our society and I particularly notice a number in on our economy. Our economy is being run by wealthiest and most impersonal corporations. Many see this as  a large problem considering these corporations are driven mostly by what will bring them back a solid ROI and by ROI their sole interest always ends up being money. Many of them are unaware or lack the required knowledge of what our other systems need in order for them to continue functioning properly for example: social economy, nature & earth, population growth, and etc.

The general population works for money and generally do not work in industries that connect to their passions. Originality is slowly becoming more and more commercialized and scarce. The average working class person need to stop being employed by large corporations and companies and start employing themselves. In many cases, employees are like toothbrushes to corporations; They use them until they’re worn out or not reaching expectations anymore. By opening up your eyes you will be capable of employing yourself. If you do, you will be contributing to a stronger and more powerful community/state or province/ country. Freedom lies within making decisions and building your schedules, plans, and image not to mention your sales will also be 100% your own and not only %2 – %20. In many cases, owning your own business is a much more secure future and a prosperous investment.  It is generally a much wiser contribution to your family’s future. It is definitely more brilliant than the a few thousand dollars your employer gave you tucked away in a savings account.

Having a large social circle and network has given me insight into people who are investing so much of their time into their boss’s dreams while hardly making enough time for their own aspirations . It’s all for money and a falsely ”earned” security. They are dependant on money and their consumer lifestyles they’ve lived for years; My theory is they believe all  things money can buy will bring them happiness which many of you have already realized isn’t true. When opening your mind to the endless possibilities you will realize that when starting a business you can build an empire out of anything and on any budget, as long as you do it properly. It is something that is much more fulfilling than spending a pay check on a brand name item, designer dress, trip to France or a new and expensive Ferrari – trying to fill in a hole of missed opportunities and sadness.

When you think about it your boss is earning all the real glory, happiness, security and money. By investing a little more time and effort into your work you could be your boss and get paid the right number for your work not to meant receive the proper amount of recognition you should be getting for giving your clients (not your boss’s clients ) the outstanding results they asked for.

When lacking certain skills to start a business seek associations. For example, if you are not good with sales – find a sales rep who is interested in selling your product(s) or service(s) or helping you generate leads or find an associate who could use your services in exchange for leads. Find ways to move you, your business, and your investment forward.

Leave your comments below and I will create a video discussing this topic and your responses and we can begin a conversation or debate on our opinions of theories.

Katie Sinare

 Thanks for reading! I adore and appreciate each one of you!

Lots of Love

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4 thoughts on “Start Your Business & Be Your Own”

  1. thats actually a very interesting outlook on everythingg.. ive always wanted to start my own business but I don’t want to compensate anything I have now…. how did you start your business and how did you survive really?

  2. Yes, I started mine back in 2011-12 and it’s been a completely different life. However, corporations are in fact the big dogs and will continue to be – at least until money loses it’s value… I also think they do both good and bad not just bad. Great article, I always enjoy these reads.

  3. The last few years have really opened my eyes to what is going on and let me clarify; I think there are many companies out there (especially mid-small companies) that are seeking out people who they want to reward. However, the biggest companies with shareholders seem to be the worst. Thus, I was a “toothbrush” that was kicked to the curb.

    My desire to open my own business came at the worst time. Unemployment and becoming an entrepreneur go hand in hand for a certain window of time. Long term unemployment squashes that window.

    So I am still waiting to make my dream become a reality. For me, my dream will be harder than most because to do something out of the box takes a lot of risk. But it is businesses like this that will change the business models for health care, banking, and traveling.

    Katie… I find it refreshing that you have that sense of adventure. Keep it up and you will go far.

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