Great Holidays Gift Ideas For Your Clients

Christmas gift for clients

Finding great gifts for your clients that are affordable as well as impressive is a very hard task to achieve. So I decided to help you out by listing a few gift ideas that you can treat your clients to and make them feel even more appreciated; all for under $5-$10/ gift.

1. Packaging always makes a gift more exciting to receive. Don’t get giant bags for small gifts and don’t try to squeeze bigger gifts into smaller bags. Be sure to buy a number of different wrappings, bags and gift decor(such as ribbons, bows, etc) that are presenation and match with different gift themes and sizes.Holiday gifts for clients#1

2. Picking a small gift that everyone will like is difficult so I always give something edible such as candy in a jar/pot with a bow on top!

Holiday gifts for clients#1

Follow these steps for packaging your gift:

Holiday gifts for clients#1

Step#1 : Make sure your gift fits into it’s wrapping/gift bag

Holiday gifts for clients#1

Step #2 Place and measure gift on a piece of wrapping tissue.

Holiday gifts for clients
Step#3 Wrap the gift within the wrapping tissue as shown in picture.
Holiday gifts for clients

Step#4 Place wrapped gift into appropriate sized bag

Holiday gift ideas for clients

Last but not least, place your card within the bag with your client’s name written on the front of the envelop and a happy holiday message within the card.

Holiday gift idea for clients

And VOLIA! There is your first gift! Let’s move on and explore a few other quick gift ideas for your clients!:




Candles! This may be a bit too feminine as a gift to men (ask a male friend recently confronted me).

Photo on 2013-12-19 at 5.00 PM

If it is, too small perhaps match it up with a small pot of candy

Holiday gift idea for clients

Calendar or a cake! Perhaps even freshly baked cookies!

Holiday gift idea for clients

While having a pre-made package for the item is great (cake being the perfect example) however it’s not always supplied. So for the calendars I would recommend wrapping it in wrapping paper!

Holiday gift idea for clients

Agendas and pens are great holiday gifts but they are also a great way to advertise yourself and have a permeant spot on someone’s desk!

Holiday gift idea for clients

Chocolates are a big YES! Not many people dislike chocolate, just make sure you don’t eat them.

Holiday gift ideas for your clients

For your biggest small business clients a bigger gift would be very wise such as a nice bottle of wine with an agenda+pen($20-$30). This is actually a gift I received from an organization I work with.

Holiday gift idea for clients

So there it is! Small budget items that make fantastic gifts! If you have a bigger budget try to stay on the technology side of things such as tablets, office technology and more. For my 10k + accounts I invest a minimum of $150 for each gift because they deserve it. Be sure to show your clients you appreciate them and  would like to keep them!

Holiday gifts for your clients

Hope this helps and Happy Holidays to all my readers!

Christmas Gifts for Clients

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