Attending Networking Events

Attending events that could be a great networking opportunity can sometimes be stressful and/or nerve wracking so here are five pointers you can follow to help you through the night:

1. Dress Well, Don’t Look Sloppy
You want to look presentable so that others recognize you as a quality individual. Most people are under the assumption that proper looking people are those who can produce and provide the best. Show the crowd you are of quality.

2. Bring a Social Friend
Bring a friend who will not always be by your side the entire night but will help you get into your social mood.

3. Check Out the Attending List
Give yourself a head start and know who is coming in advance. You can send the familiar attendees a message before hand or if you don’t know anyone – target certain people you would like to get to know better.

4. Get Involved
For smaller businesses or starting professionals, always look for opportunities to help out – whether it be setting up before the attendees come, bringing something or even planning the event ask if you can help! People who contribute to the event are generally recognized by those attending; they also usually meet the event planners which is a great contribution to your business network.

5. Get There First
Last but not least, try to get there as early as possible so you are introduced to the first people who arrive. It’s always an easier way of breaking the ice if you aren’t generally a social butterfly.

Thanks for reading and leave your comments or suggestions/feedback!

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2 thoughts on “Attending Networking Events”

  1. Glad to see you posting!

    Good tips on the networking events. They can be great when you are seeking out contacts for a business venture or when you are seeking a change in employers. The food can be good too! Ha ha!

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