Google Glass – What Do They Do?


Google Glasses is the latest revolution of technology, while once again making reach and information much more accessible. What does Google Glasses do exactly?

Google Glasses is a device that is worn just like real pair glasses, it has a very innovative and sleek look while being supposedly very durable. There are a variety of tasks this small device can preform some being:

– Record and take pictures with just a wink of an eye.

– Translates your voice into any other language

– Give you notifications/information on directions, reminders of appointments, time estimates when traveling

– Video Conference

– Option of sharing videos and pictures with others (Social Media, Phone, Tablets, etc)

– Send messages vocally that can also transform into text.


Google glasses revealed that Michael DiGiovanni, an infamous developer, created a program that allows users to take a picturewith just the wink of an eye! With Google Glasses’ design it’s easy to wear, use and style making it easy to believe that this is going to be a success! They’ve estimated that the product is probably going to have a price range within 1,200$ – 1,550$.

Of course, with great convenience comes great scepticism. Google Glasses was reportedly banned from the UK while driving as it is seen as an invasion of privacy. Also, Google glasses will be banned from general public areas such as the Casino, Caesars Palace and other places. Google stated on June 1, 2013: “We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material” You can find more about the sex apps that might appear here: Google Glasses Porn App.

The future outcome of Google Glasses future seems promising however, is it the device a bit too limited or simple? Is the price too high? What are your opinions on the product?  How and/or would you use it in your business?

Katie Raspberry

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4 thoughts on “Google Glass – What Do They Do?”

  1. The product is very futuristic but I am not interested in purchasing it. I have to ask the age old question…”Is it essential to me?” The answer at this point is no.

    With all of this access to technology sometimes you have to draw the line and give yourself time to just be a human to live in the now.

    It will be interesting to see how many people purchase this, huh?

    1. Hey Steve,
      Yes I completely agree. At that price it sometimes isn’t even worth it since it won’t necessarily have anything different that your cell phone other that easier maneuvering.

  2. This one could be the “Wave of the Future” but I will gladly stay here in the past, of course, I don’t like having a mobile phone either, so I’m exactly the sort of curmudgeon that google couldn’t care less about. Bah humbug!

    (And from the perspective of an English-language teacher, I am highly skeptical about their translation claims…partially because it would put me out of a job!)

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