What to do: Lost Apple Device


No one fully acknowledges the mind blowing pain and misfortune of losing an expensive mac, iPad, laptop or cell…until it happens. Just two weeks ago, I had my Apple computer stolen by thieves. When it happened, my mind just went blank; a month before I had my car broken into and my laptop was stolen with all of my work and personal information on
it. I didn’t mind at the time because it gave me an excuse to buy new laptop; in which I purchased the MacBook Pro. That was stolen shortly after, hard to believe ( I know).. That being said, I decided to write a blog post on the disadvantages, guidelines and solutions for when you lose your Mac or Laptop.
Disadvantages: (the reasons you should be extra careful not to lose it):
– All the work you did not back up to the cloud or hard drive is now gone. In result, you’ve wasted very valuable time and possibly money.
– You will have to buy not just a new computer but also all the programs and apps/softwares you’ve purchased. My MacBook Pro cost: $1200CAN. That’s a lot of money to spend replacing something you just purchased a month ago.
– The process of filling out the police report, doing the investigation and gathering additional information on your own.
– Not having a device to work on until you purchase a new one; which can sometimes take a week due to high levels of hope that you’ll catch the thief or find the device.

Guideline for when you lose your laptop:
– First thing you do is call the police. Even if it is at 11pm at night, the police can help you much more effectively and faster if you call them right away rather than the next morning.
– If it was stolen when you weren’t looking be sure to check the whole location before giving up – sometime the thief sticks around for a bit to be less of a suspicious canadiate.
– If your device is Apple immediately (after calling the police) go to http://www.icloud.com and open your find iPhone app and locate your Mac, iPhone or iPad. If the locating is unsuccessful immediately lock your device. If there is serious information on it click the ”Erase” option so the thief cannot snoop through it.

– As soon as you buy your Apple device activate your ”Find iPhone or iPad” application. If you do not activate it, it will not work or locate your devices. There is a special way you can lock that app so that the thieves cannot deactivate it when they steal it. There are also numerous tracking software you can download and buy.
– Purchase a Mac Lock. These locks make it nearly impossible for thieves to get away with your device. (only for laptops)
– After you’ve completed your police report instantly call your insurance company and give them the report number or a hard-copy of the report. When my new one-month old MacBook Pro was stolen I immediately called my friend (who purchased it on their credit card) and asked him to check his insurance.. His insurance covered 70% of the stole MacBook Pro and that wasn’t all we also contacted his credit card company and they covered the other 30% of the stolen laptop. So we were able to get a full refund and I was able to buy a brand new laptop.
– Make sure when you are working on any of your apple devices to back all of your work on the iCloud.Now different apple devices can connect to your each other so any work you’ve done is automatically going to be transferred to your replacement. When your computer is stolen your iCloud ID will still have all the work you stored in it. I was pleased to recover more than half of my work on notes, text and other apps.

– Investigate the scene. I went back to the location where is was stolen and got the video cameras in which it showed him stealing the laptop. Sometimes the police can track him down. Or better yet, sometimes the credit card company takes over the case and catches the villain. However, I believe it’s only about 2.9% of the villains that actually get caught.

As long as you have the right coverage, backup, software and tools you can prevent the worst outcomes. I hope this helps! Please share your ideas for my next blog post!

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2 thoughts on “What to do: Lost Apple Device”

  1. well that sucks! Big time, I’ve wanted to steal your MacBook Pro for a long time and someone beat me to it (kidding and sarcasm, just to make one smile). I like your post here though about the do and do nots! Great points and lessons learned. Peace, cheers and blessings. (Perhaps its time to try a new strategy with your laptops!!! lol)

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