Choosing the Right Office Space

Many of you new business owners or starting blogger are starting to find work at home quite unproductive. Now is the time choosing your very own office space, and pick the office that is 100%perfect for you! Many of you think it’s easy and ”fun” –  it’s not; especially if you’re as picky as me. Here are a few tips to look for when office hunting:

Tip one: Look out for location


Naturally – I look for offices by searching the web. By doing so you’ll have access to all kinds of photos before actually visiting the office; which is convenient. Just make sure you don’t fall in love with an office that is 45 minutes away. Or a location that is bad for your market or target. It’s happened where I booked the appointment and traveled an hour to get there. It’s a drag and a waste of time – you’ll always find something better or similar but closer.





Tip Two: Ask What Is Included

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve seen CLOSED offices for $150-$300; flabbergasted I immediately booked an appointment to see it. Once there I discovered the insurance, taxes, heating, electricity, security, internet and phone,parking was NOT included which brings everything back up to $500-$700 . Some rentals are sneaking -ask before you visit to save yourself sometime.



Tip Three: Think of the future

When renting an office space for minimum 1 year be sure your office has enough space

for future(planned) employees. In my first year I knew I had to hire a Graphic Designer so I made sure when renting the space I had enough space for them to work as well as my partner. I also planned for a studio area.


Tip Four: Is there Recycling?


To all you Green Beans, there are LOADS of cheap buildings who DON’T have recycling systems –

make sure to ask them before visiting if it’s important to you. If you have a car you could always take your recycling home.




Tip Five: Save by Sharing:



If your office rental budget is $150-$400 why not share? There are many gorgeous office out there to share. You’ll have just as much space in a private office and it’ll make you look like you have a bigger business when bringing clients in.





I hope these tips help you out. If they do let me know how in the comments below!  Also Do me a favor and let me know of any topics you would like to read about!


5 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Office Space”

  1. It helps to think about long-term goals when choosing to lease an office space. Will it be worth the money in the long run? Anyway, thanks for your insights.

    1. Hi Regus,

      Yes sometimes long-term goals are more important depending on how you start off. Sometimes your budget doesn’t allow long-term thinking so you need to get something smaller or less practical.

      Thanks for stopping by Regus!

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