Creative Marketing Material


Many start-ups know how expensive marketing material can be. Especially when they hire someone else to do it; they don’t do it themselves because they don’t know where to start or how to begin. There are so many aspects that need to be taken into consideration in order to create effective material. I can’t say it’s easy but it sure does take time which is why marketing company’s charge as high as $16,000 – $50 000 for a small business (depending on the services). The $16,000 package would probably include a few flyer templates, a business logo and concept, a website layout etc.  Here are a few ways to help you come up with a concept and a list of materials you NEED to have for successful promotions:


 Come up with your own custom made templates – never copy one off the internet OR allow your marketing company to take the same idea as another company but change it a bit. It doesn’t look good especially if someone starts a scene about it. It’ll ruin all your hard work – be careful.

 Take your OWN photos – don’t buy photos off those photo stores online. Why do you think they’re so cheap? Because everyone is buying them and already have them. Be original and come up with your own concepts – it makes you look so much better. If you suck at photography there are loads of people who love doing photography as a hobby offer them $100 or another currency in return for their help.

 Do your research – if you can’t think of anything original then look up a few other companies. Don’t steal their entire concept but take little details/parts of MANY companies and mold it into your own original creation. Figure out what colors to use (check my blog post ‘’Create & Design Your Business Image’’ for a link describing what each color reflects)

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 Make original shapes, paper cuts and content. Why be average when you can win your clients over by being original? Come up with something that will seriously impress people.

I hope this helps in some way or another. Good luck in making the material and content! Til next time!

Please let me know how this post helped you!

Katie Raspberry

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