A Business Dinner

You’re a small business owner and discovered a potential client you would like to win over. Most entrepreneurs use dinner as a way to communicate and connect with their future clients. For small contracts I wouldn’t suggest it but for the big ones – go for it. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when hosting a business dinner:

1.       Attire:

Be sure to dress very well; this seems obvious but 98% of the time business persons DO care about your appearance. Be sure to dress accordingly – whether it’s semi-causal or formal. Don’t wear ‘’cheap formal’’ impress your peers as much as possible and try to stick to good quality clothes and accessories… no cap hats, no jeans, no sweat pants, no faded shirts (honestly – I’ve seen it before)

2.       Conversation:

Sometimes the conversation isn’t always about business; that being said always be ready with fresh and new topics ready to be thrown into the engaged conversation. I actually do a lot of random research for fun and it comes in handy every time I am evolved in a conversation  with someone; my mind is full of ideas. Try searching interesting topics that are in relation to the event.

3.       Restaurant Picking:

Be sure to choose a restaurant that compliments you and your business ex: let’s say you choose a restaurant with fine wine along with quality food it can possibly help you come off as well established company that offers quality services. This all depends on the type of business you have or what type of client you’re trying to sell to. Not all businesses would prefer fine cuisine; sometimes a small and original restaurant with a special aspect about it would be more effective than an expensive meal. You need to pin point what mood and emotions you want to trigger and then figure out what they would enjoy more.

4.Wine Choosing:

Not many people realize this but when it comes to wine choosing it matters more than you think. It will show how you handle certain job related situations such as: If you choose a good quality wine in a short period of time it will influence your peers to believe you are a fast yet good decision maker.  If however you’ve taken your time and have chosen a bad wine it will bring negative assumptions about you AND your work.

When I think about it the details sound so idiotic yet they really do influence people – the funny thing is they don’t even know it. Its physiology more than anything; we’re playing with moods, emotions and stereo-types I suppose.

Let me know if this post helps you!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Katie Raspberry

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6 thoughts on “A Business Dinner”

    1. I agree Ritika – they honestly don’t. I think this will help people who are having their first business dinner – there isn’t much information on the web about it anyway!


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