Create & Design Your Business Imagine

                Based on my experience in starting a new born company – I’d say building its image is the most difficult parts. It’s a drag; especially if you’re not creative or don’t have an ounce of inspiration!  When starting a business your mind and thoughts seem to be all over the place; which is why companies usually fail or spend loads of money on free-lance services(which is fine – but know what you’re paying for!). You need to focus on prioritizing business tasks and needs. Without a company imagine your business will come off as ‘’unprofessional’’ of course it depends on the type of business you have and if your services are cheap or not – but you get my point. Here is how to create & design your imagine:


Every field in business has certain colors that identify the industry. For example: Lawyers would use a RED color or GREEN depending on who the lawyer is defending. Colors play with moods and impressions. They help a client comprehend what your business is trying to present. This is a very important factor when it comes down to branding. Do your research find out what you’re competitors are doing. For more information on colors follow this link:


When creating a logo MAKE SURE IT’S ORINIGAL! Seriously, because if it isn’t there will be people with similar logos and you’ll look like a cheap copy. Pick an image NOT a symbol. Try to avoid using two letters to create your logo because there will be many of those in this world and yours won’t be any different. If you want to choose an abbreviation as a company name or logo make sure it’s 3 letters and up. Once you’ve come up with a concept make sure you’re certain it’s complete. Once it’s created it’ll be a tough job changing it especially after marketing and press releases.

Marketing Material:

Next step is taking everything you’ve developed and putting it into content and the perfect layout. This is where it gets tricky for entrepreneurs because a lot of testing goes into successful marketing material and marketing strategies. You’ll to create flyers, e-mail new letters or promotions, posters, blogs, websites etc and they’ll all be based on certain aspects including your logo and marketing colors.

So those are the basics from my point of view! I really hope this post has helped you and please let me know how this blog post helped you!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Katie Raspberry

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2 thoughts on “Create & Design Your Business Imagine”

  1. Wow this is amazing Katie.. I never knew we needed to go so detailed as to selecting certain colors :S …
    This really helps me out a lot … can’t wait for your dinner business post :D

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