Small Business Concepts/Ideas

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine who has wondered what the next step in her life is.  She is 22, earns about $40 000 a year, drop dead gorgeous and yet something is missing. She loves her job but wonders if it’s for her. She thinks it lacks room for achieving current career goals she has set for herself. I told her keep your job if you love it; and then create a very small business. She responded she didn’t know what she would be good in so I told her not to worry I’ll help her out. Here are a few things you can do to enhance your professional life:

There are so many businesses you can start that can also be a hobby and that are not too demanding on your time. You can even use some of these to replace the work you have now if you’re not entirely happy where you are. Here we go:

1.The first thing you need to do is decide what your true hobbies are such as my friend, she loves to do story telling. So I suggested starting writing a blog. There are people in this world who make a lot of money just from having a blog. They use their blog as an advertisement tool. If you see a blog with a brand name advertising on the side; that company is paying for it, or the writer just really likes them. Either way, you can make a descent $300 off a blog that gets 300 views a day, and that isn’t a hard goal to make. John Chow earns $300 000 a year for spending 2 hours a day rambling about nothing. He got famous because he was apparently the go to blog if you wanted to learn about making money off of social media. Pretty cool hmm?

If you think blogging will take up too much time then perhaps opening a small e-commerce website! My sister is currently running one. Check out her website to get a better idea and understanding at she also maintains a blog to increase her SEO she has hired an assistant to help her with the work while also attending school as well as working for a website company doing web development from home. She works perhaps 3-4hours a week on her business which is nice & relaxing while bringing in an extra yearly income of $7200.

2.Take that hobby and find out if you have enough knowledge to pursuit it. For example, my friend Tassia, does she have the right grammar and an extended vocabulary to write and appeal to readers? Does she know how blogs work? Does she know what to write about? She would need to research  and read many blogs then decided if she should register for a night course in English at a Montreal university such as  Concordia:   OR she can teach herself. How? Over the internet! The internet as taught me so many things – there are so many professionals who blog about their work, why not take advance of the endless learning possibilities!

For the e-commerce find out what is required and learn what advantages come from being a business owner! For example: If your business is in your own name you DON’T need to register it. And if your business makes under $30 000 you DON’T need to charge taxes on your products!

Do enough research so that you can benefit. Also if you need my help in anything just send me an email and I’ll write a blog post about it

Start researching.

3.Figure out what you’ll do with your business if you’re going to blog, what are you going to blog about? How far do you want it to go? Will your

blog end up in a magazine? Will you send it to the newspapers? Are you planning on making a profit off blog?

For e-commences which product will you sell? How will you stand out from others? Who will you target be?  What will your sales goals be? What will the store’s personality be? How will you sell it?

Other great stay at home fields are:

  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Photography or film
  • Animator
  • Recruiting ( A friend of mine runs a website development company and he constantly gets contacts for animation and social media. He charges (let’s assume) $400/month and then hires a sub-contractor and pays them $200 a month. He just made a profit by doing nothing at all.
  • Marketing (in design)
  • Sculpting
  • Tax Return/Accounting

Start planning and good luck! Let me know how this blog helped you!


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23 thoughts on “Small Business Concepts/Ideas”

  1. Great blog! I love your insight…I will definitely be following your blog. You should suggest that your friend try her hand at copywriting on sites such as textbroker or interact media. The only thing I would stress with the latter (I don’t have an account with the former because its US only) is taking the time to make sure that your sample article is top notch so that you later get access to the better paid jobs. The rates are pretty bad if you get a 4 star rating or below (for example, I’ve made $57 for 9 articles – bear in mind that these are at differing rates and some were really short i.e. under 200 words) but you pick up clients who add you to their favorites and if you get direct assignments you can negotiate the rate you work at. If she’s interested there are quite a lot of sites out there who need people to write their blogs so there’s a pretty good market for this type of work atm. I’m trying to break into the editing/copywriting/book writing/advertising industry myself so I feel her pain! These sites are worth signing up for in terms of the exposure and experience they can give and even though the rates can be low I love that I get such a variety of assignments that I can accept and I am at liberty to choose when I write and how many pieces I want to write.
    If she needs any help getting started on this, let me know!

    1. HI again!
      I see you’re an affiliate writer! Yes you are correct they make quite a bit of money!
      Have you thought about checking out Maxbounty! It’s even easier money ;)

      Thanks for reading again!
      Lots of love,

      1. :) I checked it out but I don’t really get it! I must be having a bad day… lol! I think that it might be a little out of my league atm with what they require but I will definitely keep it in my Favourites for after I do my English Studies Bachelor! Thanks for the tip, though!

  2. Excellent post Katie! What is social media maintenance & how do you get advertisers to post on your blog? I’ve written more poems since your last visit. Please stop by…

    1. Hi once again David!
      So Social Media maintenance is what I do at my work office. Basically you keep a company’s social media update for example, updating Facebook pages, updating blogs, talking to FB & twitter fans etc. It’s a really fun relaxing job – but a lot of work.

      I’m creating a post on how to get advertising on your blog. I’ll also make one on Social Media just for you.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. OMG, If you did that for me, I would be so honored. Would you like for me to cook your breakfast or dinner… Kidding. How did you get that gig? I’m perfect for that and stay on social media most of my day, while I’m working my boring corporate job. I check my FB page at least 3 times per day?

      2. Where will I see the ad post? Facebook, Twitter or WordPress? Do you need my FB name so you can send it directly to my page?

      1. Hi Katie, didn’t you post the previously mentioned blog already? Did you see my Mother’s Day poems?

  3. Excellent post at Small Business Concepts/Ideas Katie Raspberry. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part :) I care for such information much. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

    1. Hi Katie, I’m still waiting on your response. How does one secure a position of social media updater? What type of companies would have a position of this sort? Thanks in advance.

      1. In order to get the position you will most likely need a marketing degree. Any kind of company has people maintaining their blogs, especially in retail since updating their website cost them money.. it’s cheaper just to start a blog. And a lot of bloggers work from home.

        I got this job due to the fact I already did social media for the business I was running – and I pushed for a blog here at the office.

      2. Thanks for responding. I do have a Business degree! My job deals with Health Care, so I do not think they have a blog. They are very large but many people have never heard of them. I will ask around. Have you seen my latest creation? I am quite proud of it. It’s called Chemistry. Stop by my site, take your shoes off, and get comfy :)

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