Bizarre Facts about Mondays

Many people hate Mondays and think of them as the day all the hectic work begins once again. Here are a few bizarre things that are in reference to Mondays.

Brenda Spencer, Monday Serial Killer

Brendan Spencer, a 17 year old student who opened fire on passing children as they made their way to school. She managed to kill two men – the principle and janitor; who risked their lives trying to save the 8 wounded children she shot. She also wounded a police office. When she was asked why she did it she said ‘’ I hate Mondays they’re always so boring, this livens up the day.’’

Watch the videos below to see the moment of her arrest and what happened to her after years in prison.

Monday isn’t always the first day of the week?












To Jewish and some Christians, Sunday is the day the week begins with rather than Monday.

Monday is most depressing day of the week.

Many people see Monday as the day work begins again, which to some, is depressing. The majority of suicides happen on a Monday.

Monday is the most common day for heart attacks












Mondays are the day employees are most unproductive and/or skip work.

People at average get about 3 hours work done on Mondays. It is also the day that has the highest search rates. Not only that but it is the most common day for people to call in sick or ‘’sick’’; This usually occurs with middle aged people from 35-45 years old.









People do online shopping on Monday more than any other day

Stats show that people shop the most on Mondays probably because they didn’t head to work or because they’re not working at work. Also there is Cyber Monday which is the right after Black Friday. On this Monday, 33.6% of shoppers will shop online.. In 2010 shoppers spent over 1 billion dollars! It is one of the biggest online shopping days in the world!




Black Monday

Black Monday is the day reflecting numerous wars, disaster and tragedies a few being:

  • John Lennon murdered Monday 8th December 1980, Lennon was shot four times by gunman Mark Chapman outside his New York City apartment.
  • Black Monday. The stock market crash of 1987 was the largest one day stock market crash in history. The Dow Jones index lost 22.6% of its value or $500 billion dollars on Monday October 19th 1987.
  • The end of 1st World War (the Great War) Monday 11th November 1914.
    Approximately 20 million civilian and military personnel killed and an estimated 40 million casualties.
  • William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton) was born on 19 August 1946 in Hope, Arkansas.
  • Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States (1993 – 2001)
  • 18th April 1955 Albert Einstein died in hospital in Princeton, New Jersey, aged 76.
  • when a group of 500 recently arrived settlers from Bristol were massacred by warriors of the Gaelic O’Byrne clan
  • the largest one-day percentage decline in recorded stock market history.
  • when Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, one of America‘s largest regional steel-manufacturing firms, announced that it would shut down most of its operations in the vicinity of Youngstown, Ohio, placing 5,000 people out of work. This development presaged the collapse of that community’s industrial economy, from which it still hasn’t recovered (as of 2010).

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40 thoughts on “Bizarre Facts about Mondays”

  1. Monday’s are the weekly reminder that we have to face life no matter whether we want to or not….which explains a lot I guess….Actually was probably very different before the nineteenth century when most people only had Sunday’s off (if that?) i.e. there was no weekend.

    1. That is very true isn’t it! I visited the history museum recently and they explained how before us they only had Sundays off however the women and children worked more hours then the men! They work 11 hour shifts from Monday-Saturday believe it or not!
      Thanks for reading! I absolutely love your blog so far :)


  2. Muslims consider Sunday as the first day too.. we call Sunday as ‘Ahad’ derived from an Arabic word ‘Wahid’ meaning.. ‘One’..

    and here’s another interesting facts (which few Muslim now a days realize)..
    “we start our day at dawn.. not dusk”

    so our 1st day is actually starts at dawn on Saturday..

  3. Brenda is a crazy teen aged girl isn’t she? ”I did it because Mondays are boring” That’s so scary! Sends chills down my spin~~

      1. I have. Today is Monday and it is hard to believe I live in a world where I can’t spend an extra extra two hours just laying around.

        But knowing that so many other people get away with skipping work, I feel better.

  4. This is so exciting! I don’t think you’ve considered the human factor, but still a good post.

  5. I seem to be so shocked with this bizarre things that you’ve pointed out .. But all in all I guess, you are portraying that different and unusual things happens on a usual time or day.. Anyway, I love this post.. :)

  6. If you know the music of the Boomtown Rats then you will know the song “tell me why I don’t like mondays!”

  7. I think I’m right in saying that the terrifying Brenda was the inspiration for The Boomtown Rats’ song, “I Don’t Like Mondays”. I hope that’s all she and I have in common!

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