Top 9 Inspiring Entrepreneur Movies/Videos

Glengarry Glen Ross – DirectedBY: James Foley


This is a story about real estate agents and their hectic lives. It lets you in on what they go through and how they manage or mismanage their affairs. I personally think it’s a great movie to watch mainly because it shows different scenarios in the work force that will or can lead to hardship or success, especially in the sales field.

Watch the thriller at:

The Social Network – DirectedBY: David Fincher

I’m sure you’ve all heard of it, The Social Network was a huge hit. It’s Imageno surprise to me the movie made it big considering how it goes into depth about how the invincible Facebook was created as well as what happened in the process. The movie demonstrated betrayal, loss, first and third rate planning , and major success. I’d say it can teach many modern entrepreneurs innumerable business affairs perhaps even personal such as when to start marketing and advertising, what dedicated development is, the down falls of partnerships and much more. I suggest you definitely check it out.

Check out the trailer:

What Matter to you –CreatedBY: Jr0canest

This video is posted only on YouTube on May 9, 2008 which has now has 436,404 views. ImageIt was posted to enter a contest created by the Vancouver Film School(VFS). The champion with the best video would win a $20 000 scholarship at their school (BTW: VSF is the best film school in Canada). Anyway, I stumbled upon the video when I was looking to acquire some inspiration to keep me motivated and focused on my film making. After watching it I sure did get quite  a potent boost.. His speech is so passionate it forwards all of his passion directly to you. I used to watch it daily, which explains how much of an inspiration it was for me. The main objective of the video was to show how much digital design mattered to him and how he pushes himself to work hard in order to get what he wants; and doesn’t stop until it’s done (FYI: he won the contest). I highly recommend this one and it’s only 2minute and 20 seconds long, totally worth it.

Check the video out here :

The Great Dictator– DirectedBY:Charlie Chaplin

Even though this video isn’t necessarily about business but teaches Imageyou plentiful things about becoming successful in both life and business (in my opinion). I’ve attached a link to its YouTube video where he gives a heart pounding speech. The speech he preaches is absolutely outstanding and to some life changing. It makes you realize something in life; however I can’t completely elaborate at the moment. You’ll understand once you watch it and felt it’s magnificence yourself! The video I’ve linked isn’t the exact clip from the original movie but an edited recreation. I found the music added an extra touch and the imagines gave us a bigger picture as to what the speech meant.

Watch the link here:

The Pursuit of Happiness – BY:Gabriele Muccino

The Pursuit of Happiness with the superior actor Will Smith Imagetells a story of a struggling business man who invested a large sum of money into a hard to sell product. In the end he and his spouse have a child and begin to struggle immensely due to his lack of sales. His wife worked a stable job in a laundry company in which it was identical to torture. Feeling depressed and lost  she selfishly decides to leave him. He refused to leave his son and insisted he should be the one to have custody of his son. Due to his lack of money he decides to compete for a broker’s position. This is a true story, moreover a heartbreaking one.  Watch the movie to find out the ending; it is truly remarkable!

Watch the trailer here:

Sweet November-DirectedBY: Pat O’Connor

Sweet November is yet another all time movie. It tells about a man (named Nelson) Imagewhose life revolved around his job. With ongoing success he finally faced fail and reacted so badly to it he ends up losing everything. After having a rushed encounter with a free-spirited woman named Sara. Sara somehow manages to show Nelson parts of life he had almost forgotten about. Slowly they both start changing each others lives.

Watch the trailer at:

The Corporation – BY:Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott

The Corporation is a brilliant, out of sight movie. It can Imagehelp an entrepreneur to properly invest in his business. Know what the results of  your actions and how your business will better or destroy in our society.  It takes a GIANT step into the corporate world and shows you how they think and what their priorities are; and believe me it’s scary.  I very highly recommended it.

Check the trailer at:

Boiler Room – DirectedBY: Ben Younger

It’s a movie about a high school dropout who lands a job Imageat a brokers company. He soon realizes  not everything that had been  said is actually what it’s made out to be. Shows you just how nasty some businesses are same thing said about some brokers.

Check the trailer out here:

Limitless- DirectedBY:Neil Burger

Limitless is an outstanding movie about growth. Even Imagethough it’s highly fictional it tells the story of a man who goes from being nothing to being masterly; all because of a little pill call NZT. Along his new path of success he faces many challenges in which he is not on NZT. A reason to watch this would be to see the path of failure and success sudden fall in and out someone’s hands. I suppose you could use your imagination and replace NZT with something more along our lines of reality, for example: con artists, cheating etc.

Check the trailer out here:


11 thoughts on “Top 9 Inspiring Entrepreneur Movies/Videos”

  1. I read your blog and I’m really impressed by the professionalism of the contents. I would certainly refer you to all of my business contacts.
    Elizabeth Gray

  2. I have been enjoying reading your advice and perspectives about business, so please don’t be too upset if I say I don’t think you know much about movies. First off the term for a preview is “Trailer”, not “Thriller”. Secondly, you have an odd concept of what “inspiring” means, to have films like Glengarry Glen Ross and Social Network on your list. Despite being significant works of art, they portray a very depressing attitude toward entrepreneurship. The first shows (brilliantly) just how dehumanizing and soul-sucking comission sales work can be, and the second is about how a total schmuck becomes a billionaire by simultaneously lying to and screwing with his only friends, who are all suing him by the end.

    But aside from that, love the blog.

    1. Hi Mikey,
      Don’t apologize for expressing your opinion – I’m very open and enjoy hearing everything you have to say back (even if it’s negative)
      I completely agree with you on the fact the movies are not positive stories on business, however, they do help open people’s eyes in viewing certain aspects of different careers or businesses. Those particular movies show how disgusting and difficult business can be and that it can change people and connected people’s lives; in a negative way.

      When I watched social network – it was beautifully told. However, the story stayed more or less neutral. It didn’t accuse anyone of being right or wrong – it was up to the viewer to decide and observe (which I’m sure most would say Mark Zuckerberg was the thief of the Facebook’s idea).

      I would say those movie teach viewers many things and also helps entrepreneurs understand certain aspects of business (that being said not all businesses have these conflicts but you get my point)

      Thanks for reading Mikey! Looking forward to hearing from you again.


  3. Nice post. My favorite thing about Glengary Glenross is the creative cursing.

    Also, thanks for the Charlie Chaplain link (even though it had a full minute long political ad in front of it). I’ve always found it outrageous that this was the same man that America then threw out of the country just 12-years later.

    1. Haha! Creative cursing! I completely agree!

      Charlie Chaplain’s speech is just heart pounding! I listen to it everyday even since I discovered it. I had no idea why they kicked him out – do you know why? People are being lead by the wrong people and it’s always been that way if you ask me. It leads to bad decisions which is probably what happened to poor charlie..

      Thanks for read Jim! I started writing your blog and I LOVE the post about the spam comments. It was very funny :P

      1. Hoover never liked him and always suspected him of being a Communist. Don’t remember why he was tossed exactly, but one day he hopped a boat to visit home, and when he got there found out he was uninvited back.

      2. Chaplin was (falsely) identified as a communist during the early years of the McCarthy Era, which included the blacklisting of a vast number of Hollywood writers, directors and actors. Falsely labeling people as communists in order to obstruct their ability to obtain work was a tactic of harassment used by right-wingers toward famous or influential people with left-leaning politics at the time. When he went to London to attend the UK premiere of his 1952 film Limelight, the U.S. government revoked his right to return. After that he came back to the U.S. only once, briefly, to accept an honorary Oscar in 1972. His last two films and autobiography were completed in London and Switzerland.

      3. My goodness how unfair the world is sometimes – it’s heart-breaking.
        However, Charlie is definitely on my favorite people check list ;)

        Thanks for reading guys!

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